Thursday, March 24, 2011


Today I'm looking forward to a new episode of Grey's Anatomy.  I've been having withdrawals during all these re-runs!

Today I'm hanging out on my back porch after work enjoying the sunshine and catching up on blogs.

Today I'm realizing how much I miss blogging when I've been away from it.

Today I'm thrilled that the pants I dropped off to get hemmed came out great!  I took in four pairs and two of them are perfect for flats/low heels so I have an excuse to do some shopping :)  I'm thinking of getting another pair of flats since I only have one pair and I don't have any low heels.  Mine are all pretty high.  DSW and I have a date this weekend!

Today I'm thrilled that I've lost 20 lbs from my highest weight.  I had lost about 8 lbs earlier in the fall, but then sort of just maintained that.  About mid-February I decided it was really time to make some changes and it resulted in another 12 lbs lost!

Today I'm acutely aware that my lawn needs to be mowed and weeded.  It's like they popped up overnight!

Today I'm so thankful for my home, good health, puppies, family, job...just pretty thankful in general :)

Today I've been looking forward to a dinner of asian rice and an eggroll.

Today I'm enjoying the mist keeping me cool that's blowing over into my yard from the neighbor's sprinkler.

Today is a good day.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Guess what...

Since only three people entered the giveaway, I decided to go ahead and make a wreath for all 3 of them!  It'd be horrible to leave out one person.

So Jax, Carey and Alyssa shoot me an email at!  Be sure to let me know the address you want it sent to and what color you'd like!  The wreaths are made out of felt so it has to be a solid color and if it's a color out of the ordinary (something like hot pink or lime green) I may have to order it (which is fine by me!) and it will take me a little longer to get your wreath to you.  I can't wait to hear the colors you guys choose!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Giveaway-Pay it Forward...

Good morning!  Happy Wednesday!

I participated in one of those Pay It Forward Giveaways almost 2 years ago, but I haven't done my own blog giveaway for it yet.  I received some cute little goodies like lipgloss, a tea packet holder, dishcloth, etc.  I finally decided to go ahead and do a giveaway of my own.

The rules:
  • Leave me a comment letting me know what you're looking forward to most this weekend
  • If you win, pay it forward in some way, shape or form.  Do a giveaway on your blog, do something nice for a neighbor, pay for someone's coffee at get the idea
I'm giving away two of the wreaths pictured above.  I'll work with the winners to choose the color they want, but keep in mind it takes me a little while to make them, and depending on the color, I might need to order fabric, which takes awhile.

I lost pretty much all my followers when I changed my URL, so your chances should be pretty good!  I'll pick the winner sometime on Friday, so enter away!
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