Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The little things...

I love that each and every day is brand new start.  An opportunity to be whoever you want to be, to do whatever you want to do.  You can forget about how you fell short in one area of life the day before and start over again.  It's a really beautiful thing if you think about it.

We've gotten a bunch of snow here over the past week and Madelynne is LOVING it.  She dives head first into the snow drifts (which are so much taller than her) and runs around like crazy.  It's a chore to try and get her to come back in the house because she's enjoying playing so much!  When she does finally come back in, she's covered in these little snow balls.  For some reason her fur collects all the snow and gets all caught up.  She has to get a warm bath in the sink each time she comes in to get it all out :)

I'm so enjoying the peace of mind that budgeting has brought me.  It's so nice to know where each and every dollar is going.  My goal: pay off my car as quickly as possible.

I'm not a patient person by any means, but I'm learning to appreciate waiting for a good thing.  I like to order things off Etsy quite a bit, but waiting for the packages is so hard!  I just can't wait and I get more and more antsy each day waiting for it to arrive.  BUT...when it does get here?  Pure happiness.

Good music.  Enough said.

I have to force myself to work out.  I don't generally enjoy it.  I do enjoy the feeling I get after working out though.  I'm currently pleased as punch (btw, where did that saying come from?) with my evening pilates post workout high.

Here's to appreciating the little things in life!

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