Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stream of Consciousness...

I was driving to work this morning in the middle of a thunderstorm. The rain was pouring down in sheets, my windshield wipers couldn't keep up-that kind of thunderstorm. I decided to stop in at Starbucks and just as the guy was handing back my card, a huge boom of thunder shook my car and made me jump about a mile. The poor guy jumped as well and let out a little scream, and while I was scared too, it was kind of funny to watch my reaction happening to someone else.

After I got my tall, iced white chocolate mocha with no whipped cream, I headed towards work. I changed radio stations and paused at a song I hadn't heard before. The song was Randy Housers' "Back To God." It has some pretty powerful lyrics, but in between the chorus there were parents speaking about their children that had cancer. One of the parents was saying that he remembered carrying his baby girl into the house and saying Welcome to the World! and then he remembered carrying her out of the house 12 years later. He mentioned that she was his only child, that he has a hole in his heart now and when he sees other children he can feel that hole. Another mom told the story of how her son was dying and he said he saw angels. His mom asked how many and he told her there was one behind her and three above them. When she asked what they looked like, her son said they looked like her. I completely lost it. I had been trying not to cry so I was doing that thing where you can't really get enough air and you alternate between sucking in big breaths and crying at the same time. Not pretty. Then the DJ came back on the air and she was crying, which set me off again. She said that just this morning her 3 year old was up in the middle of the night asking her to shut of the storms. She thought it was cute, but was really thinking how she needed to go back to sleep. After hearing this song, she was saying how all those parents would give up sleep just to hold their children again and I seriously could not keep it together. I'm sure I walked into the office with mascara streaming down my face. I guess they were raising money for St. Judes Research and I'm sure they'll be successful. That song breaks your heart.

Grey's Anatomy is on tonight. It's the one show I've kept up with since I cancelled my cable and didn't have the ability to watch anything for awhile. I would watch online on Fridays, but now that I have an antenna, I'm back to watching on Thursdays!

For some reason I was laying in bed last night thinking about random things and I remembered my dad buying me a stuffed animal when I was in the hospital. And for some reason my response to him was something along the lines of "I bet you picked the bunny because it's on sale from Easter." I don't even know why I would say something like that. First of all, it was March so it was before Easter and the bunny wouldn't have been on sale. Secondly, and most importantly, why would I be such a bitch??! I love that bunny and I love it because my dad got it for me. I'm so lucky to have parents that love me so much and for some reason I just make asshole statments sometimes. I don't know why I even thought of that last night, but I was so horrified by what I said. It was years ago, but I don't think I even processed that I was so rude until now because I was distracted by all the medical stuff. I really need to make an effort to be a more patient, kind person. I definitely have tons of room to improve...

Well this post has mostly been a downer, so I'm going to go find the sunshine (figuratively) in my day to make it better :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pink and Red..

I love each and every holiday, but I really love decorating for Valentine's Day.  I already have so much red in my home that everything just fits right in!








Even Maddy got dolled up to celebrate!


I hope you're spending tomorrow with the those you love!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The little things...

I love that each and every day is brand new start.  An opportunity to be whoever you want to be, to do whatever you want to do.  You can forget about how you fell short in one area of life the day before and start over again.  It's a really beautiful thing if you think about it.

We've gotten a bunch of snow here over the past week and Madelynne is LOVING it.  She dives head first into the snow drifts (which are so much taller than her) and runs around like crazy.  It's a chore to try and get her to come back in the house because she's enjoying playing so much!  When she does finally come back in, she's covered in these little snow balls.  For some reason her fur collects all the snow and gets all caught up.  She has to get a warm bath in the sink each time she comes in to get it all out :)

I'm so enjoying the peace of mind that budgeting has brought me.  It's so nice to know where each and every dollar is going.  My goal: pay off my car as quickly as possible.

I'm not a patient person by any means, but I'm learning to appreciate waiting for a good thing.  I like to order things off Etsy quite a bit, but waiting for the packages is so hard!  I just can't wait and I get more and more antsy each day waiting for it to arrive.  BUT...when it does get here?  Pure happiness.

Good music.  Enough said.

I have to force myself to work out.  I don't generally enjoy it.  I do enjoy the feeling I get after working out though.  I'm currently pleased as punch (btw, where did that saying come from?) with my evening pilates post workout high.

Here's to appreciating the little things in life!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Sorry if a ton of my old posts popped up in your readers today.  I've been avoiding blogging this past week because I noticed I was getting a bunch of hits from an adult ummm, I guess you would say entertainment site.  Definitely freaks me out.

I changed my domain to see if that will help, but I really have no clue why they're coming here or how to stop it.  If you have any ideas, I'd love some advice!
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