Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sick day...

My ideal sick day would find me at home from work with a sparkly clean house, cozy pajamas, soft tissues and a cute little trashcan to keep them cleaned up, warm blankets, plenty of medicine on-hand so I don't have to run to the store feeling awful, soup, ice cream, 7-up (my dad's cure-all when I was little), baking supplies in case I felt well enough to make some cookies, hot choclate, lots of good, girly movies, candles, books I can get lost in and the latest juicy gossip magazine. 

Instead sick days usually find me with a messy home, out of medicine, no soup or ice cream and with all my best pajamas in the laundry basket.  Yesterday was pretty much like that.  I made the best of it though and spent much of the day relaxing and working on getting better. 

I had my cable cancelled Friday and I haven't bought one of those converter boxes yet so I've been without television.  I thought it would really suck being home all day without tv, especially since I've had cable for the last two or three years.  It was actually fine!  I have all ten seasons of Friends on DVD so I spent the day watching far too many episodes.  I literally laughed all afternoon. 
  • The clothes they used to wear are hilarious!  You can definitely see how much fashion has changed since the show began.
  • They featured this state of the art laptop that was HUGE!  The phones are also ancient compared to what we now consider pretty common.
  • I jumped around between the seasons and it's weird to see how different everyone looked!  Chandler would gain and lose weight, Joey would be buff sometimes, but not others...
It was so much fun to watch them again.  And then I got the Bounty Hunter from Netflix and put that in last night.  Jennifer Aniston looked so much older!  I never think she looks old at all when I see pictures of her, but it's noticeable when you spent the afternoon watching episodes with her that took place over ten years ago!

Anyway, I've decided to hold off on the converter box as long as I can.  I'm having too much fun watching all my dvds.  :)


  1. I love Friends!! Love love love it! I am firmly convinced that I can relate 3/4 of everything that happens to me to a Friends ep.. haha! :) I agree that I watch the reruns now and think "wow, they look so YOUNG back then" or a series of other thoughts about who gained weight, who changed their hair, etc. Anyway, I hope you're feeling better, girlie! And my place always resembles yours when I'm sick...and I, too, have the more glamourous image in my head of what being sick SHOULD be like..haha! :)


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