Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's here! It's here!

Recently I ordered a calendar from the etsy shop "Much Ado About You."  It got here earlier this week and I'm absolutely in love with it!  It actually came wrapped up all pretty in hot pink tissue paper, but I forgot to take a picture because I was so excited to open it :)

There are three different sizes and a ton of different desings to choose from, but I had the hardest time picking one design.  Eventually I just contacted the shop owner and asked if she could do a customized calendar that combined several of the designs.  I was really specific on what I wanted and she was super easy to work with.

I pretty much keep my whole life organized in here, so it's really important to me to have one that's functional.  This year I also wanted something unique-something no one else would have.

My requirements were a cute cover, monthly page layouts, and daily timed layouts.  This planner meets all of those!  I use the monthly layouts when I'm budgeting for the next month.  I make sure to record all the important things that need to go in the budget on this page so I don't miss anything.

These tabs totally sold me on this shop!  I mean where else do you get glittery, pretty tabs?!!?

Something to remind me to chill out and relax :)

I was a little worried that the cover and back would tear because they're paper.  I always keep my planner in my purse and carry it everywhere so sometimes I can be a little hard on them.  However, the back cover is laminated (at least that's what it feels like) and the front cover has a plastic covering.  Perfect!

Cute bookmark, huh?  I can't believe I took so many pictures and forgot to take one of the regular week.  It's basically broken down into hour increments, which is awesome for someone like me.  It really helps me keep my days straight.  

I know I just dedicated an entire post to a planner, but you guys...I'm so smitten.  If you're in the market for a new one (and really, the new year is about to start, so I imagine most people are!), then definitely check out this shop.  You won't be disappointed!  

Oh, and one of the coolest things is that you can pay a little extra to add on some months.  So if I'd gotten this in October, I could have done October 2010-October 2011 and added on the months of November and December 2011.  

Okay, okay I'm really done rambling.  Have a great rest of the weekend everybody!


  1. SO CUTE!!!!! I have noticed that I'm relying more and more on calendars... I think I need a planner...especially one I could keep in my purse!

  2. That's such a cute planner! I wish I could use one but I'm just addicted to my digital to do list and calendar, that a paper one totally wouldn't work for me. I'm glad it works for you!


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