Thursday, December 9, 2010

Doggy Destruction...

I love my dogs and can't imagine not having them in my life, but sometimes they really test your patience.

Like when they chew up your only pair of headphones that were still in excellent condition:

Or this becomes an all too frequent scene:

And finally...when they get ahold of your $50 Victoria Secret bras:

Maddy is still her puppy stage and while I could do without all the destruction, I love how playful and spunky she is.  It reminds me of when Max did the same things.  Plus, all the destroying of things make her sleepy and I always forgive her :)

And I can't have a post all about Maddy without a photo of my first puppy hanging out under the Christmas tree:


  1. I can't wait until we can get a puppy but I'll be glad when we got past that destructing phase.

  2. I remember finding my really really expensive shoes destroyed one day when i got home and i was so upset. I truly think rainy realized just how sad I was by my face and mannerisms that he never did something like that again!

  3. LOL I feel your pain!! They are too cute and too sweet though and I just love mine to death!! :0)

  4. It must be a Yorkie thing! Mine just turned a year on Christmas day and chewed up my headphones and loves my Victoria Secret bras.

    PS Your little girl is so cute!


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