Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years Eve!

2011 is going to be my year, I can feel it.  I spent 2007 in and out of hospitals, 2008 just trying to come back from all of that and get somewhat of a normal life and 2009/2010 were spent trying to make a relationship work that was failing.  I spent those last two years in a constant cycle of breaking up/being miserable and getting back together/being thrilled.  That rollercoaster is finally over and I'm ready for what this new year has to bring!

My only resolution is to do 30 minutes of physical activity  No excuses.

My hope though, is that I really make the most of each moment.  That I become comfortable with who I am and mesh that with who I know I can become.  I want to look back on this moment on the first day of 2012 and know I don't have regrets about how I lived this year.  To know I did life and I did it up big!

I wish all of you the best year yet!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Slumber party...

Well not technically.  Although, I've been sleeping on a mattress in my living room for the past two weeks so it kind of feels like it!

I remember going over to my best friends house in middle school to spend the night all the time.  Her sister was a year old than us and would usually have someone stay the night too.  All four of us would make a huge pallet of blankets on the living room floor and stay up so late watching tv and eating junk food.

Since I don't have a tv in my bedroom, it's been such a luxury to lay in bed at night watching movies.  And since the bed is in the living room, I usually just sit on it to eat dinner too.  It's way comfier than the couch or dining room table. :)

Anyway, the reason I have a bed in my living room is because I got a new king size mattress!!!!  My dad helped me take apart my full bed and move it to the guest room and then I vacuumed and shampooed the carpet where it used to me.  Max had gotten under the frame and thrown up when he was sick so this was the first time I could get under there and clean it up.  Since the carpet needed to dry we left the new bed in the living room and were planning on moving it the next day.

I ended up loving it though, so it's been in there ever since!

The Master Bedroom is so empty!

It was fun to camp out in the living room, but tonight I decided to move everything into the bedroom.  The Christmas tree needs to come down this weekend (if I find some motivation!) and the bed was in the way.

Now I just need to figure out a color theme for the bedroom and look into buying new bed linens (I only have sheets that fit-all of my comforters are too small), curtains, decorations, etc.!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope that you all are having a day full of everything you wanted it to be :)

Unfortunately, this Christmas hasn't been quite what I was planning on.  Last Wednesday I started wheezing and then by Thursday morning I had a full blown cough.  I decided to get into the doctor that afternoon and get started on some medicine with the hopes of avoiding being sick over the holiday.  I got diagnosed with bronchitis.  At that time I just had a cough, a bad one, but no fever or other symptoms.  By late Thursday I was feeling pretty miserable.  I couldn't regulate my body temperature so I was constantly freezing or burning up, I was coughing like crazy, my head was throbbing and I was in pain.  I know I've mentioned it on here before, but I have a bunch of adhesions in my belly from all my surgeries I had back in 2007 for a ruptured appendix.  I've had to deal with pain off and on from those adhesions since then, but Thursday night I was in more pain than I had been in awhile and I had no idea why.  I didn't sleep hardly at all and by Friday morning I was convinced something was wrong.

I had been on medicine for less than 24 hours, but i felt like I should have at least stayed the same and not have been getting continuously worse.  I was to the point where I didn't feel like I could really get out of bed and I felt so bad that I just started crying.  I started to think I was having a reaction to one of the bronchitis meds and that was causing me the pain and a racing heart.  I'm allergic to one other medication and it causes my heart to race and for me to get really anxious and I was feeling very similar.  I called my parents crying and said I think I needed to go to the ER.  They came over and while they were very sympathetic to the fact that I was obviously sick, they didn't want to take me to the ER unless something was REALLY wrong.  I've grown up being told that you don't abuse the ER system and you only go if you're on your deathbed and I completely agree.  It causes long waits and overworked staff when people go in for a cold, ear infection, slight cough, etc.  Especially when regular doctors are open.  It's weird, but I know the ER is cheaper somehow so some people use it for non-emergencies.  Anyway, I told my parents that I didn't think I was on my deathbed, but something was definitely wrong.  I was scared and felt like I would only continue to get worse because I either wasn't being treated correctly for the bronchitis or I didn't have bronchitis.

We agreed to go to an urgent care center and they had us in and out within 30 minutes!  I'm so glad we went there instead of the ER and it turns out that I have Influenza Type A and needed to be on Tamiflu.  My fever was at 101 when I got there and my heart rate was in the 150's.  My blood pressure had gone from 118/80 on Thursday to 156/84.  The doctor said I could quit both bronchitis meds and gave me nausea and pain medication.

Within a couple of hours of taking the Tamiflu and pain medicine I felt tons better.  I know the pain medicine helped break my fever because of the acetaminophen and it helped lessen the pain, but I'm sure the Tamiflu hadn't even begun to work yet.  I think that I just felt better because I was relieved. I knew that something wasn't right and I'm glad I listened to my body.  I doubt I could have stayed on that one medication for the prescribed 5 days without being in severe pain and suffering the consequences from having my heart beat at that speed constantly.  I was also so relieved to just find out it was the flu.  I hadn't realized how much getting so sick in 2007 had affected me.  Being in pain so similar to what I had before all my surgeries really scared me.  The thought of another surgery is terrifying.

I feel even better today than I did yesterday.  Still very sick, but I can tell I'm getting better instead of worse, which is all I can ask for.  I'm celebrating Christmas at home with the pups and frozen pizza so I don't expose my parents even more while I'm still so contagious.  We're going to do our Christmas dinner and presents next weekend.  I'll admit that I cried this morning when we decided that because, well it's Christmas today and I so looked forward to it, but I know it's the right thing to do.  I decided to make the best out of my day and gave the dogs their presents!  They unwrapped them and loved their new toys :)  I've spent the rest of the day watching Friend's DVD's, taking naps and a bubble bath and just plain relaxing.

I think it's important to learn what I can when things like this happen instead of feeling sorry for myself.  And I think this was a wake-up call.  I know that you can't avoid getting sick and that sometimes it just happens, but even before this I just haven't been feeling all that great.  I'm run down with hardly any energy, my stomach is upset way more than normal, etc.  I've said it before, but I promised myself that I would take care of me after I got so sick.  I understood how fragile life was and I just knew I would eat right, exercise, stress less, be kinder...that didn't happen at all.  Feeling so awful has just reinforced that I need to make some BIG changes.  I'm more determined than ever to follow through with my New Year's resolution to exercise everyday.  I've decided to do 30 minutes of physical activity each day.  I will make next year better than this one and I will make it my healthiest year yet!

Sorry this is so long and I don't blame you if you've skimmed most of it.  I wanted to get this down while I can remember how bad I really feel.  I want to be able to look back on this post when I don't want to work out or I want to binge on junk food.  l want to remember that my health is important and all those little choices do add up.

Well, I wanted to post pics of the dogs opening their presents, but writing this has worn me out again.  I think I might need another nap... Oh, and please excuse any grammar errors!

Monday, December 20, 2010

My resolution...

I've been thinking about what I want to do for my New Year's resolution and all the usual stuff came to mind, but I wasn't feeling motivated.  I love the thought of having a brand new start, but I hardly ever stick to my resolutions.  I say vague things like I'm going to lose weight, I want to be a better person, I'll exercise more, etc.

I've come to the conclusion that what I really want is to be the best person I can.  So I tried to come up with just one resolution that would do the most to get me there.  I was driving home today listening to that book "Julie and Julia" on CD and I was so inspired by her taking on this new project to cook her way through "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" in a year.  I was sitting there thinking that I want to do something like that.  I want to do something that will challenge me, take me out of my comfort zone, something that I know will make me better...

So, I've decided that my resolution will be to do some kind of physical activity every single day for the entire year.  It doesn't really matter to me what it is: it can be walking the dogs, going for a run, playing basketball, doing a yoga tape, strength's just important that I do something each day.  And stuff like cleaning the house or walking from my car into the building can't count.  Obviously.  Although, I'm sure there will be plenty of days that I'll try to pass some of that off as physical activity.

I really don't see how this can be negative.  It's about becoming healthier and doing something proactive.  I feel that becoming more active will have the greatest positive impact on my life compared with anything else I could have chosen, so I'm going to give it a shot!

What do you guys think?  What are some of your resolutions?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's here! It's here!

Recently I ordered a calendar from the etsy shop "Much Ado About You."  It got here earlier this week and I'm absolutely in love with it!  It actually came wrapped up all pretty in hot pink tissue paper, but I forgot to take a picture because I was so excited to open it :)

There are three different sizes and a ton of different desings to choose from, but I had the hardest time picking one design.  Eventually I just contacted the shop owner and asked if she could do a customized calendar that combined several of the designs.  I was really specific on what I wanted and she was super easy to work with.

I pretty much keep my whole life organized in here, so it's really important to me to have one that's functional.  This year I also wanted something unique-something no one else would have.

My requirements were a cute cover, monthly page layouts, and daily timed layouts.  This planner meets all of those!  I use the monthly layouts when I'm budgeting for the next month.  I make sure to record all the important things that need to go in the budget on this page so I don't miss anything.

These tabs totally sold me on this shop!  I mean where else do you get glittery, pretty tabs?!!?

Something to remind me to chill out and relax :)

I was a little worried that the cover and back would tear because they're paper.  I always keep my planner in my purse and carry it everywhere so sometimes I can be a little hard on them.  However, the back cover is laminated (at least that's what it feels like) and the front cover has a plastic covering.  Perfect!

Cute bookmark, huh?  I can't believe I took so many pictures and forgot to take one of the regular week.  It's basically broken down into hour increments, which is awesome for someone like me.  It really helps me keep my days straight.  

I know I just dedicated an entire post to a planner, but you guys...I'm so smitten.  If you're in the market for a new one (and really, the new year is about to start, so I imagine most people are!), then definitely check out this shop.  You won't be disappointed!  

Oh, and one of the coolest things is that you can pay a little extra to add on some months.  So if I'd gotten this in October, I could have done October 2010-October 2011 and added on the months of November and December 2011.  

Okay, okay I'm really done rambling.  Have a great rest of the weekend everybody!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Silent Sunday...

New haircolor!

Oh, and this is my 300th post!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Doggy Destruction...

I love my dogs and can't imagine not having them in my life, but sometimes they really test your patience.

Like when they chew up your only pair of headphones that were still in excellent condition:

Or this becomes an all too frequent scene:

And finally...when they get ahold of your $50 Victoria Secret bras:

Maddy is still her puppy stage and while I could do without all the destruction, I love how playful and spunky she is.  It reminds me of when Max did the same things.  Plus, all the destroying of things make her sleepy and I always forgive her :)

And I can't have a post all about Maddy without a photo of my first puppy hanging out under the Christmas tree:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sick day...

My ideal sick day would find me at home from work with a sparkly clean house, cozy pajamas, soft tissues and a cute little trashcan to keep them cleaned up, warm blankets, plenty of medicine on-hand so I don't have to run to the store feeling awful, soup, ice cream, 7-up (my dad's cure-all when I was little), baking supplies in case I felt well enough to make some cookies, hot choclate, lots of good, girly movies, candles, books I can get lost in and the latest juicy gossip magazine. 

Instead sick days usually find me with a messy home, out of medicine, no soup or ice cream and with all my best pajamas in the laundry basket.  Yesterday was pretty much like that.  I made the best of it though and spent much of the day relaxing and working on getting better. 

I had my cable cancelled Friday and I haven't bought one of those converter boxes yet so I've been without television.  I thought it would really suck being home all day without tv, especially since I've had cable for the last two or three years.  It was actually fine!  I have all ten seasons of Friends on DVD so I spent the day watching far too many episodes.  I literally laughed all afternoon. 
  • The clothes they used to wear are hilarious!  You can definitely see how much fashion has changed since the show began.
  • They featured this state of the art laptop that was HUGE!  The phones are also ancient compared to what we now consider pretty common.
  • I jumped around between the seasons and it's weird to see how different everyone looked!  Chandler would gain and lose weight, Joey would be buff sometimes, but not others...
It was so much fun to watch them again.  And then I got the Bounty Hunter from Netflix and put that in last night.  Jennifer Aniston looked so much older!  I never think she looks old at all when I see pictures of her, but it's noticeable when you spent the afternoon watching episodes with her that took place over ten years ago!

Anyway, I've decided to hold off on the converter box as long as I can.  I'm having too much fun watching all my dvds.  :)
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