Monday, November 15, 2010

This too shall pass....

This whole single thing is interesting.  One minute I'm looking forward to the future with excitement at all the possibilities out there.  The next I feel like these photos:

And I guess that's okay, because I may have my down moments, but ultimately I'm thrilled that I now have the opportunity to make all my wildest dreams come true.  There's nothing holding me back.  I can find the fairy tale, be whoever I want to be...I know too many people who settled for a relationship because they were too scared to chase those dreams and I'm done being one of them.   I honestly feel kind of lucky.  There's so many possibilities...I think I might take up running and train for a 5K, I'm going to knock out my 101 list, I can look for new volunteer opportunities, I can train Max or Maddy to be a therapy dog for hospital patients, I can travel to Paris, I can learn to be a chef, I can open my own business, I can marry a wonderful man and have babies...there's no limit to what I can do!

And the fact that I felt that most of these weren't options to me in my previous relationship just goes to show that the relationship wasn't meant to be.  Because really, shouldn't everyone get to feel that way regardless of whether or not they're in a relationship?

The goal: to focus on me.  To explore new things, do something different, be extraordinary.  And I'm willing to bet that the relationship I crave, that once in a lifetime kind of love, will come when I'm ready for it.

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  1. You're so right, girl. The options are limitless! Take this time and get to know the most important person... YOU. :) Sometimes it takes heartache to get to know ourselves again...and to understand why it hurts...and why things will be different...and better...with the next one. And as cheesy as it sounds, sometimes going through the hard stuff makes you appreciate the joy and happiness when it comes. If none of us ever hurt, we'd never know what the real pleasure is in the lack of hurting...

    Love you....

  2. Girl you will totally get through this! Keep your chin up and keep moving forward! You have a world of endless possiblities out there in front of you....go for it! :0)

  3. You're totally right - if you weren't able to do any of those wonderful things in your old relationship then it wasn't right. You have so much to do and when you find a guy, it'll be perfect. :) And you'll know it when you see it. For now, enjoy just having to worry about you!

  4. I decided yesterday I am going to do a 5k this spring (and i am NOTTTT a runner!)-- I think with a couch to 5k plan I could do it--and you could too!

  5. I'm pretty sure you stole that post from my head. :-) I'm in the same boat, girlie.

  6. For me, the forever love came when I least expected it. You are so right to worry about yourself now and know that your special someone is out there someday and will present himself when it's time!


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