Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This could get interesting...

Last week I was meeting with someone at work and somehow we got on the topic of half marathons.  He was an older man, probably in his 50's or 60's and he had finished a half earlier this year and was training for a full coming up soon.  He was so passionate about it and somehow after two hours of meeting with him I came out of the meeting having said I would sign up for a 5K.  I was just so inspired by him!

Well saying I'll do one is much different than actually getting out there and training.  I've started running off an on over the past couple of years with a 5K in mind, but I never made it very far.  I get shin splints easily and they always caused me to quit running before I really even got started.  I've tried the C25K plan, but I think trying to keep up with the intervals caused me to keep running when i should have listened to my body and slowed down because of the whole shin splint thing.

This time I'm taking a different approach.  I've told myself that I just have to get outside for 15 minutes everyday and run as far as I can.  Once I can run for a full 15 minutes I'll increase the time, but I'm letting myself run and walk as much as I want.  Today's the second day and it's pitiful how little I can actually run-we're probably talking less than 5 of the 15 minutes, but I'm okay with it.  It just means I have tons of room to improve, which I will!  I've been stretching before, during and after.  I'm also icing my shins for 10 minutes when I get back, just to keep myself as healthy as possible.

I got fitted for special running shoes last year, but they made my shin splints worse, so I needed to pick up some new shoes.  I ordered a pair of New Balance's yesterday and they should be here soon.

The 5K I'm hoping to run is April 10th, so wish me luck that I'm ready!

I'm also trying to take the dogs for a walk everyday regardless of what else I have to do or any other excuse.  Today it was 44 degrees, rainy and windy, but we went!

Maddy wore her new jacket and Max had on his hoodie :)


  1. You can do it lady! I think that's a fabulous goal!

  2. Aww how cute are your puppies! :0) So sweet!

    Way to go on getting out there and running! when I first started running, I thought I'd never be able to run 5 minutes without stopping much less 3 miles! You will get there...just be patient! :0) Hope the new shoes work!

    I LOVE your playlist on your blog, by the way! It makes me happy! :0)

  3. From that angle Max looks exactly like my Milo. :) Almost thought it was his picture on there. He has a blue sweater :)Your puppies are adorable. :)

  4. I'm going to do one on April 23rd... so I'm right there with you!!!!

  5. You can do it girly you are absolutely fabulous! May I borrow your puppy and the cute little pink jacket. I have never seen anything so adorable!



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