Friday, November 5, 2010

Present time!

For once I'm on top of my Christmas shopping!  Queue the angels singing :)  I decided what to get everyone last month and I spread out my budget to buy everything that needed to be ordered online this month and buy the rest at the beginning of December.  I'm pleased as punch!

So I thought I would give you guys some of my present ideas in case you're still searching for that perfect gift.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that no one I'm writing about reads this.

For one of my really great friends I decided to get her a Gussy pouch like this:

It's on sale RIGHT.NOW for $14.50 so I would check it out if you're interested.  Oh, and I'm seriously loving the new stockings she just put up:

If it was in the budget, I would be all over getting them for my mantle this year.

But back to my friend-she really loves my sparkly phone cover I got awhile back.  So I want to get her a blingy one like mine, but I'm not sure they have them for her style of phone yet.  She has a Samsung Acclaim.  This is kind of what mine looks like:

via google images

If I can't find one, I plan on getting her a Starbucks giftcard because we meet there all the time for coffee.

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I'll be (hopefully!) bringing homemade chocolate truffles to work this year as my holiday treat.  So I plan on giving some of them to her as well.

Via Google Images
My bff from college recently got married and I found the best etsy shop for her gift: Bosheree.  I used this template for her and her husband:

It was less than $50 with shipping and should be here in a couple of weeks-squeee!!!

Another friend mentioned a few months ago that she really loved my Lifefactory water bottle.  So, that's what she'll be getting!

I just went on there to find a picture and they've got this cute raspberry color!  I'm so jealous now.  I had the orange one earlier this year and accidentally shattered it when it slipped out of my hands and fell on the asphalt.  So I had to order another one a couple of weeks ago and went with the red color, but I kept wishing they had a pink one and now they do!  Oh, well I'm sure I'll be ordering several more of these throughout the years.  I absolutely LOVE them.  They're made of glass so they don't get that nasty plastic smell, they can be washed in the dishwasher, I drink a ton of water because I carry it with me and I could basically go on and on.  Oh and don't be turned off because my first one broke.  The rubber sleeve (the colored part) really protects it and I've dropped it before on carpet and it just bounces.  I'm sorta clumsy though, hence the asphalt accident.  In fact, just today I shattered a regular glass by dropping it on the tile :(

My mom wants some kettleballs:

via Google Images

My dad wants some hours at the shooting range, so I'm going to see if I can get him a giftcard.

Before Shawn and I split up I was going to get him a heineken mini kegerator:

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I also need to pick up a birthday and Christmas present for a one year old, but I plan on just swinging by Toys R Us and getting a couple of things.  I would love to get him a hat like this:

Unfortunately, his mom isn't really into stuff off of etsy or dressing him up like that.  She's kind of specific about what he wears and the last outfit I bought for him (GAP polo onesie and khaki shorts) didn't seem to thrill her.  She asked for toys, so that's what he'll get.

I'm currently on the hunt to replace Maddy's favorite toy with a new one for Christmas:

It's that pink bone.  The friend that I'm getting the Gussy pouch bought this for Maddy last Christmas from Petco.  It's definitely Maddy's favorite toy and she carries it around like a security blanket so it's all torn up and barely squeaks.  The hard thing is that I haven't been able to find another one anywhere!  I've checked Petco a ton of times and looked online and they're all too big.  This one is less than 3 inches and the smallest one I can find online is 5 inches.  And I think that Maddy likes this so much because it is small.  I did find one slightly bigger at Petsmart tonight, which I bought, but she's not interested :(

Anyway, I'm sure they'll end up with some yummy treats and good stuff this year even if I can't find it.  I hoped showing you some of the presents I'm buying this year helped!


  1. I'm so impressed that you're so far ahead with your shopping! I'm basically thinking of presents but haven't bought anything yet.

  2. You have some great ideas on here! Your friends are going to love you this Christmas! :0) Not that they don't already, but they will love you even more! lol

  3. You go lady. I've only shopped for the dude so far. That Gussy pouch is too cute!

  4. I`m doing good with my shopping as well. Just need to get my husband and parents things now. Love that pouch!


  5. Alright, I'm gonna need you to tell me what I can get my mom, my brother, my sister in law, 2 nephews: 9 & 2, and 3 nieces: 8, 4, & 2. Oh, and my aunt. Whatcha think?


  6. I love shopping for Christmas presents!!! I just hate coming up with them (especially because in my husband's family they buy a ton of them for each person!). But you did such a great job picking stuff for your friends! They are going to love you!

  7. Okay- you know you could just get me all of that and I would be so fine with it! Loving the hat for the baby boy- might get it for my son anyway! oh and the stockings- too cute, the waterbottle- never seen it before but now i need it! LOL!

  8. Great ideas!!! I want kettleballs! I need to think about what to get Gracie dog! I think I've got most everyone else taken care, that is. I havent actually tried to buy anything yet. (Yeah, I'm procrastinating. Very.bad.idea.)

  9. thanks for sharing! I need to get on top of my Christmas shopping! I tend to wait until the last minute :/


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