Sunday, November 21, 2010

I finished!

I completed my Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class!  Tonight was our last one and I'm just bursting with happiness and motivation.

I wanted to write this post right now while I'm feeling this euphoria of knowing I CAN.DO.THIS.  I know that the feeling will fade and I'll become frustrated with all the saving and sacrificing.  I know there will be times when I jealously watch friends go to concerts, buy new appliances, buy new cars, plan elaborate vacations...I know that and hence this post.  I want to be able to read back on how I was feeling this day and re-energize myself.

Because I feel amazing.  I feel like I can conquer this thing called debt.  I feel like I'll pay my car and student loans off so much quicker than before.  I'll build up my emergency fund.  I'll pay off my home and never have to worry about not having a roof over my head.  I'll fund my retirement, save money for a wedding and babies.  I'll be able to donate to all my favorite charities.  I would love to someday write a $10,000 check to someone or someplace that really NEEDS it.  And I know that I can do that.

I know that the decisions I'm making now will and from now on, will change everything in my life, not just how much money's in the bank.  I'll take better care of myself, I'll be a kinder person, I'll eventually have a great marriage because I'll go into it with the tough stuff already on the table.  So many marriages end over money disagreements and I won't go into marriage without discussing this important issue up front.  I'll value myself more and not accept less than I deserve.  I'm ALREADY doing some of these things.

Life is good and this class has changed my life.  If any of you are on the fence, DO IT!


  1. Good to know! I am definitely on the fence... Sometimes I feel like I owe SO MUCH in student loans (think private university for law school at over 20K a year...) that the seminar won't even really help much. I guess it just is so daunting sometimes!....but I think that's just me being blah... haha... Did you go do it somewhere or just do it on your own?? (wasn't sure if you could do it online?). Curious! And GOOD JOB, girl!! Way to go!!! :)

  2. I've always been really curious about this program! But then, there are things I want to do that I don't think Ramsey would agree with. Like, after I pay off my student loans, I want zero debt, yes. And I don't live off credits card now as it is. But I would rather spend my twenties traveling and enjoying myself than buy a house, for example. Which is funny considering my I have lots of friends that are saving saving saving right now for their first place, but that's not what I want at this present moment. I will in a few years though!! :)

  3. Congrats lady. Such a sweet soul you have. I hope you have a beautiful holiday!


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