Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Breakups suck...

but this song is helping me feel a little better.


  1. Great song! Sending love, girl. I dunno about you, but mornings are the worst for me when going through something... I always have to remind myself "one foot in front of the other..." By nighttime, I'm either numb or have just adequately consoled myself. So, if you read this in the morning, know I'm giving you a big hug as you start your Friday. :)

    And a tip...this weekend...go get yourself some new fun undies from VS! Underthings have a way of making us girls feel empowered. Fact.


  2. Oh how I HATE break-ups! I'm still suffering from one :-( Hang in there girl! One day at a time!

  3. Girl- I don't know what happened but I am so sorry and I will be thinking of you this week! I know its hard and it doesn't seem like it will get better but it will I promise. If i didnt have the breakups I had in college I would have never meet my husband- the love of my life! Hang in there!


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