Monday, October 11, 2010

Some October Goals...

Lately I'm feeling like my to do list just keeps growing without much ever getting crossed off.  These are some things I'd really like to cross off this month:

  1. Clean up my personal email.  
  2. Change my Pikepass address.  I originally had my bills sent to my parents since I was in the middle of moving last November, but it's about time I changed it to my home address.
  3. Read my neighborhood's covenants and restrictions.  Another thing I've been putting off for a year.
  4. Clean all my windows.  They've really gotten gross.  Probably since I haven't cleaned them EVER.  
  5. Make a list of every.single.thing that needs to be cleaned so I can get a plan to deep clean this house.  I'm talking cleaning the inside of the fridge and all my cabinets.  Filling any holes in the walls and doing touch up paint.  Pulling out the oven to clean behind it.  I want to really clean everything at least once a year, but I always get overwhelmed and miss things.
I know that's only five things, but I don't want to be unrealistic.  Nearly half the month is already over and honestly, cleaning all the windows inside and out is going to take tons of time.

Do you guys have any things on your to do list that just keep putting off?


  1. You may only have 5 things on your list to do but, just doing #5 alone is a huge chore.


    #5 is exactly what I need to do also.

  2. Oh boy, my to do list is an ever growing monster. You're smart to only put down five things - because even that's a lot to do!

    Writing down everything that needs to be clean is a good step. Then you can schedule time to tackle it. Uck. I gotta clean something now.

  3. loving your list. I have so much to get done this month and I already put stuff off.


  4. Cleaning the windows has been on my list foreeeever. The guy that lived there before us smoked inside, and we gutted everything except the windows. It's ridiculous how nasty they are! I cleaned a couple of them a few months ago, but never finished. I really need to finish them up! It can make such a difference!


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