Saturday, October 9, 2010


Ever since I moved in to the house I've been using my guest room as kind of a storage room.  All the holiday decorations, anything I want to sell and anything that didn't have a specific place went into this room.  At first it was all organized, but as the past year went by it slowly turned into this:

It was ridiculous!  I could never find anything when I needed it and there wasn't even a clear path from one side of the room to the other.

So last week I decided to tackle this project and get everything organized once again.  The room's starting to look a little better:

But...that's mostly because my living room looked like this:

After working on it for HOURS, I finally finished!  The pile in the corner is all garage sale stuff.  I need to get some more boxes, but it's pretty much just staying there until I have a garage sale next Spring.

And all of the holiday/work out stuff is neatly arranged and easy to get to!

Hopefully, over the next couple of years this room will turn into a real guest room and be completely decorated.  As soon as I buy a queen mattress for the master bedroom, the full I have in there will go in here and that will be a start!

I'm sure you'll be seeing many more simplifying posts.  It's so freeing to get rid of all the junk that seems to clutter up my house and my head.


  1. It's amazing how I tend to hang on to the same stuff for years & years, when i know darn well I don't need it. I have a garage full of stuff from our latest move that just need to go!

  2. wow you made the room look amazing!!! My guest bedroom is a store room as well, and anytime a guest stays I have to drag stuff out. My place is smaller than my college apartment so it tends to be a huge pain.


  3. Goodness, what a difference! I bet you feel so much better now that you've gotten it cleared out. Good for you!

  4. My guest room very very easily turns into one of "those" rooms, haha. With only two bedrooms & hardly any closets in our house, it just naturally goes there. Yours looks neat & organized now! Good work! :-)


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