Monday, October 25, 2010

Let's get thrifty!

Saving money has kind of become like a little game to me.  How much can I shave off this bill?  How much will buying the generic brand save me?  It's actually kind of fun.  I thought I'd list some of my money saving strategies, more for me than anything else.  That way if I get lax about things one day I can come back to this post and remember some of things I'm doing right now.

  • Pay attention to things like little extras when buying something like deodorant.  For example, I use Dove deodorant and needed to pick some up last weekend.  I was at Wal-Mart and automatically went to grab one of the fun scents like "fresh" or something like that and realized it was nearly $1 more than the original scent!  Easy way to cut some costs, plus I had that coupon!
  • Use the library.  I love to read, but buying books is expensive!  The library can pretty much get any book I want if I'm willing to wait a little bit and have some patience.
  • Don't replace things until it's absolutely necessary.  Maddy ate the ends off my glasses, but they're still functional so I use them.  My tv is a 19 inch huge box of a tv that I would love to replace with a flat screen, but I'll keep using it until it breaks.
  • Drive less.  Try to plan to run all your errands at the same time so you aren't using as much gas.  If possible, try to not drive at all at least one day a week.  It really cuts down on gas money and helps the environment!
  • Eat at home.  Simple.  Going out costs more money.
  • If you shop at Target, they should give you a nickel off for each reusable bag you use.
  • Give yourself a pedicure and spread out waxing eyebrows as long as possible.  Also, go to a natural hair color to cut out coloring expenses and spread out haircuts.
  • If you do need to buy something, check garage sales, craigslist and ask around.  
  • Also have garage sales and use e-bay/craigslist to get rid of clutter and make some extra money.
  • Eat what goes bad first (produce, perishables, etc.) and save leftovers to eat again.
  • I've cut down on dog treats.  Instead of each dog getting a whole treat, I break them in half.  
  • Keep your curtains and blinds closed in the summer to keep out heat and keep them open in the winter to bring in heat.
  • Use coupons.
  • Drink water.  It's free.
  • Only keep lights on in the room you're in at the time
  • Use a fan instead of turning down the AC
  • Use less shampoo and conditioner-most people use way more than they need.
I'm sure I left out a bunch, so let me know what tips you have!


  1. Great tips! I like to shop stores "against each other"-- i.e. i'll go to target first to get things like cereal, granola bars, paper products etc. that I know are cheaper at target, and then go to the grocery store to get the remainder of the stuff I need. I also look up the weekly deals for the two grocery stores around us to compare and see where to go.

  2. Great tips! Thanks for sharing! :0)

  3. Love the list!! And I know you said your pups were sensitive to certain foods, but with just peanut butter and flour (you can also use cheese & flour), you can make your own dog treats which are even cheaper than buying them and you can choose your own size! And as stupid as it sounds, instead of dumping out old bottles of water down the drain (where they charge sewage), I always dump them in the cat or dogs bowls.

  4. Great tips! I follow some, but need to follow more! I'm really good at using ALL of a product.. like cutting the lid off of something to get every last bit of whatever it is out! It drives me CRAZY To throw anything away with anything left in it.

  5. LOVE these tips! And I agree on the Library one. For so long, I had been buying my new release hard cover books at book stores and spending $30 on each one. After a couple of months when I'm done reading all the books, I'm left with books that I've spend hundreds of dollars on. I end up selling them for 25 cents at a garage sale. Not good!

  6. Loving the tips! Thanks so much for sharing... I really needed this!



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