Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lust list...

It's a little ironic that this post is about all the things I'm currently lusting after, but yesterday's post was all about how I'm trying to save money. I guess that's why this is a lust list instead of a "look what I just bought!" list.

I'm dying for one of these Gussy bags. It'd be so perfect to take as a carry on at the airport or to go to the Farmer's Market or to just carry around everywhere because it's so freaking adorable!

I keep saying I need to buy a floppy hat and now summer is practically over and I don't have one :( Maybe next year...I found this one on Amazon.
I'm pretty much fixated on decorating my house in black, white, red, get the idea. But it's actually pretty hard to find decent black furniture that doesn't look cheap. I happened to see this glider when I was at Lowe's the other day. I really, really wish it was in the budget right now.

Every since I got my Canon Rebel, I've realized that while I love it, it's a pain to cart around. How perfect is this Kelly Moore camera bag?
The dogs have done major damage to my carpet and I want to replace them with laminate hard wood floors in the living room, dining room and my bedroom. The last quote I got was for around $3,000. So, this definitely won't be happening for awhile, but it doesn't hurt to dream!

When I thought about buying a home I always pictured decorating the front porch and door to really make it a home. I admire homes that are cute and unique without being tacky. My front door is white and right now I have a white flower wreath that just blends in with the door. I've been having so much trouble finding one that's not season specific. I came across tons on etsy though! This one is available here.

And finally, I want an external hardrive. It's not cute or fun, but it is practical and I need to back-up my laptop. I'm going to be so upset with myself if something happens and I haven't done it, so this should be at the top of my list even though I'd much rather get one of the others. Sometimes being an adult isn't all that fun.


  1. I have an external harddrive, and I'm SO glad I got one!

  2. Ha! I seriously want everything on that list, except the bench because I have no room for it. I am SO with you on that camera bag. I've had my Nikon D3000 since January, but sometimes I just don't take it with me places because it's SO huge and I want to take a cute purse not a bolder holder. ADORE the Gussy bags. I want the green/black/white one.

  3. As far as hardwood floors go, my brother in law has a flooring company. If you keep an eye out for things like liquidation sales (our convention center has one every couple of months) you can find tons of hardwood (or laminate) for cheap. If you purchase the amount of flooring that you need, you can have someone put it in. It's MUCH cheaper that way and the good part about it is that the installing company can't mark up the wood, so they all they can charge you is labor and little stuff like glue. Good luck if you decide to install them!

  4. There are always so many things I'm lusting over, but I'm LOVING that camera bag. I just need the camera to go in it!


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