Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dave Ramsey...

I first heard about Dave Ramsey through one of my co-workers.  She told me she was rushing to get to her class one night and I had absolutely no idea what she was talking about.  It turns out that Dave Ramsey developed a program to help people achieve financial peace through his financial peace university.  Which to be honest, sounded kind of corny to me at first, but I would actually love not to have to worry about money.  So I signed up.

My second class was last week and I absolutely love it!  Most of the people there are around my age and have similar debt-student loans, cars, mortgages, etc.  The class cost me less than $100 for all my materials and it lasts for 13 weeks.  The first class we all wrote down our individual debt, excluding mortgages, and we found out last week that our class has 1.3 million in debt!  Crazy!  So we talk about ways to pay off the debt, and save for retirement and the future, investing, teaching kids good money habits, etc.  Like I said, it's only been two weeks, but I walk out of there so inspired each time. :)

Using his guidelines I have the following plan: I'm not saving anything right now and am instead putting every extra penny towards my car and when that's paid off it will go towards my student loans.  Then I'll work on saving up 3-6 months worth of bills and put that aside.  Then it's all about paying extra on my home and putting more towards retirement than I am now.

I've told some friends about the class and I was surprised to find out that some people thought you only go to the class if you're on your way to becoming bankrupt or just aren't intelligent enough to handle basic money issues.  The class is definitely for everyone regardless of where you are with your financial situation.  I highly recommend it, so check out his website: www.daveramsey.com.


  1. We recieved all of the Dave Ramsey stuff as a wedding gift and just started it since we have a baby on the way. I'm pretty impressed so far! We had no idea how much we were really spending! We don't have any debt other than one big card so it's more for getting our spending in check haha

    Good Luck!!! :)

  2. Thanks for mentioning it! Defiantly something I need to be thinking about right now!! Interesting that they mentioned not saving, but I can see the point!

  3. I know someone who is taking this class and also loves it. I mentioned it to my family bc I thought it would be great if we all did it together and they all basically laughed at me. I'm going to take the class and they'll be surprised when I finally have some financial peace! lol

    Good Luck!

  4. I've heard good things about his classes. Glad you're getting something out of it!


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