Monday, August 9, 2010

What a deal!

I like to make something special for breakfast on the weekends. During the week I usually just take a bagel and cream cheese to the office and eat it there. So this weekend I tried out a new french toast recipe. Honestly, it wasn't my favorite, but you can't win them all!

After breakfast, I had some errands to run so I went by Pier 1. I found the throw blanket below:

BTW-it's actually kind of hard to take a picture of a blanket! Anyway, the blanket was originally marked at $44. This one had a sale ticket it on it for $33 because it was out of its package. I took it up to the register to ring up and my total was only $24.11 because they were having a summer sale and then I had a $20 gift certificate so I only paid $4.11!!!!!! I was a little unsure about buying it because I'm not big on the little pom pom things at the end, but it's the softest blanket ever and you just can't beat getting any throw for less than $5!


  1. I LOVE soft blankets! Especially cheap, soft blankets!! And even though you've said the french toast wasn't your fav, it still looks good to me!

  2. That IS a fabulous deal! A comfy throw is most necessary for me!

  3. french toast is always a little iffy with me, my father use to make a fried egg inside of his french toast, now that I did enjoy!

  4. Oh my goodness I seriously would love to have that blanket!!! And your food looks divine!



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