Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Off to the vet we go...

This little cutie went to the vet yesterday. She couldn't get out of it even with those puppy dog eyes. Oh, and I took this with my cell phone so it's really blurry. I just love how she's tilting her head though.

For some reason 3 of her puppy teeth haven't fallen out yet. She has two extra teeth on top and one on the bottom. The ones on top don't bother her and they're in there pretty tightly. The extra one of the bottom is starting to hurt her though.

So I took her into the vet and he said it's loose and to play lots of tug games. He thinks it will come out on its own soon, but I hope it doesn't hurt her too badly. If it doesn't come out within the next couple of weeks, then she'll probably have to go under and have it pulled. If we do that, then I'll probably get the other 2 pulled at the same time even though they aren't bothering her right now.

She sure seems to be feeling fine right now though. As I type this she's barking her head off at Maxwell for stealing her rawhide. Ahhh, you gotta love 'em!


  1. Awww I hope her teeth come out soon so she doesnt have to go under. Poor pup!!

  2. Every time I see a picture of that little thing, it makes me want one SO bad. I keep telling myself that we can't have one because they're not allowed in our complex. :(


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