Saturday, August 21, 2010

Max got a new home...

Maxwell was completely potty trained for over a year before I got Madelynne. He hadn't been crated since he was a puppy and had free roam of the house when no one was here. Once I brought Maddy home he started going to the bathroom in the house again. Everytime I would leave, he'd have an "accident" in the same place.

The vet said he's acting out, which made me laugh. They really are my little kids!

So I was borrowing a crate from my dog sitter, but needed to get him one of his own since I don't seem him behaving anytime soon. I'd been searching around for one, but they're so expensive. You're looking at $50 easy and it's probably closer to $75 for a decent sized one. Well, I finally found one! I made my first purchase off Craigslist and got him the crate below for $25!

I'm actually pretty proud of myself for taking the time to search for a used crate rather than just going out and buying a brand new one. This crate is in excellent shape and was only used for two months.

I feel a little bad though because he was used to this one:

It's much, much larger! You can tell it comes up to the middle of the television and the new one doesn't even reach the tv. The old one also took up the whole length of the wall and this one doesn't even come close. I like that it takes up less room because it's not such an eyesore, but I still feel bad for him.

Thankfully I don't have to crate him ALL time the time. When he starts having issues though at least it's there as an option.

Oh, and yes I realize the entertainment unit and tv are hideously old. It's on my list to get new ones after I replace the carpet. At least I saved some money on the crate!

P.S. Max is a great dog and I don't want this post to make it sound like he's a spoiled brat. Maddy is just kind of a bulldozer and doesn't share my attention very well and it's been hard on Max. He was used to getting all the attention for over a year and ever since I got Maddy, he's having to adjust to a little sister that pesters him and shoves him out of the way to see me. I'm hoping over time, this little "issue" will just go away naturally.

P.P.S.-I sound like a crazy dog lady now huh? lol!


  1. It does sound like they're your kids! I'm glad you found a solution that seems to work for them.

  2. LOL nope. My dachshunds did the same when I was routinely bringing in new dogs, with my service dog work. It was tough. Now that we have one service dog in training for a year, they can handle that, and we're back to our accident free lifestyle...unless I forget to take them out. :))

  3. Cassie, My yorkie Milo is my child. He honestly is like a son to me. They are so small and rely on you like a child would. I play with him, chase him, take him on walks, play tug of war with him ect. He is so fun. I get him special dog cookies because my husband is a strictly no people food for dogs person. I do the same thing with my crate- blanket on top.

  4. It's easy to sound like a crazy dog lady when you love your puppies so much. Nothing wrong with it because I'm a crazy dog person too!
    Hope you have a good Monday!

  5. It's always hard when your pets happen to have frequent accidents. Our cat acted out for a little while when we moved, and I was getting soo mad!
    Good job on finding a cheap crate! I feel so proud of myself when I find something for a lot less than it actually is :-)

  6. You don't sound sound like any fur baby mama!

  7. Awwww... you are such a good mommy!! Those little guys are lucky to have you :-)


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