Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Letting Myself Go...

I often hear people complain that their husband or wife has "let themselves go" since they got married. Well, I'm not married, but I've definitely fallen into this habit lately. While I absolutely believe that no one should be expected to look their best all the time, I'm not just failing to make an effort sometimes, it's a good portion of the time.

For example, the last week and a half I have just gel in my hair and scrunched it up. I usually pin it back with a clip or it ends up in a knot on top of my bed or in a ponytail. I pull whatever I can find out of the closet and wear minimal makeup. And that's actually me making an effort because that's how I've been going to work. (me=ashamed).

On the weekends I usually put off showering until after I run my errands because it's been so HOT that I get all sweaty. So I just throw my hair up, go out without makeup and usually wear torn jeans or V.S. sweatpants with a t-shirt. I literally look like a hot mess.

I went into a furniture store this weekend looking like that and I'm shocked that anyone even bothered to help me. I certaintly didn't present myself as someone that could afford new furniture.

Frankly, I'm embarrassed that I've let myself go out like that. I'm frustrated that I've put on weight instead of taking care of myself and making an effort. So, starting tomorrow I'm going to have some self respect and make the effort. I always feel better about myself when I take the time to do my makeup and hair and pick out a cute outfit, so I want to start feeling better soon!


  1. Something about wearing a cute outfit just makes the whole day a bit easier to get through, doesn't it? Good for you for taking care of yourself!

  2. This post reminds me of a great idea Michelle, the author of Might & Main, had: virtual suppport groups. I moderate the one for bloggers, but there are all types of groups that are connecting online to offer support, advice, and encouragement. Check out all the groups here: http://mightandmain.net/life-changing-groups. It's so easy to join, and it may just be the push you need!

  3. We are of one mind today lady. As I left the house today in an embarrassing excuse for an outfit, I had a WHAT AM I WEARING moment. HA!

  4. I feel like getting dressed up isn't healthy if you feel like it's necessary but every once in a while, it's a great confidence booster and helps you feel good about yourself!

  5. I always feel so much better about myself when I dress up and put my makeup on. It really is a simple way to boost your self esteem up even though it may take a little bit of extra time out of your busy day :-) But lets face it, we all have those "did I really leave the house looking like this???" days, and I truly think that once in a while that is just ok :-)


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