Monday, August 16, 2010


On Sunday I went through some boxes that still had a bunch of pictures and decorating stuff in them. I tried a ton of different things for this mantle, but nothing looks right at all.

It's just such a big space. 64 inches in width and over 50 in height. All the pictures I put up there look way off in scale. So I have to buy something, but I don't know what. I bought a mirror awhile back, but it was too small as well. If you have any ideas, I would appreciate it! It's such a blank space right now.

I did manage to get this cute little sign up though. At least something got accomplished!


  1. I like the laugh sign. It's a nice reminder!

    But about the mantle, it sounds like you need to get a big statement piece. We purchased a big oil painting in colors we liked at a place called "The Poor Man's Art Gallery". It's pretty pictures that are actually oil paintings done by local artists. Maybe your area has something like that? It turned out well for us.

  2. Cute sign!

    I'm not sure what you could put above your mantle! We have a large Kinkade picture that is resting on the fits the space well but I couldn't tell you how big the painting is cause I'm not sure! lol

  3. You need something big and tall to decorate your mantle. I am a design consultant with Willow House. If you'd like to get some ideas (you don't have to use our products) flip through the online catalog. There are some beautifully decorated rooms!

  4. I definitely think you need a large picture/painting. I think if you put a mirror there, the light would reflect off of it. Good luck finding something! Love the "Laugh" sign!


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