Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh vey...

Let's start with the fantastic, amazing, thrilling news...I got my macbook back! And I didn't get charged a penny to fix it! I love you Apple Store :)

Bad, horrible, sad news...my camera has bit the dust. It's just a point and shoot that will no longer hold a charge. So to make lemonade out of my lemons I've decided this is the perfect opportunity to buy a big girl camera! I've been pondering it for weeks and while this is sooner than I had planned...you just gotta roll with what life throws at you.

The problem is that I'm now soooo confused. I spent the morning googling reviews and getting advice on exactly what camera I should buy and I'm lost. I think that I like Canon better than Nikon because it felt more comfortable when I played around with them at Best Buy. However, I thought it would be easy to just buy a Canon Rebel and be done with it. Ummmm, not so much.

There's xti's and xi's and tsi and abcdfg's...arg! I'm really confused! Please help! These are the questions I have (keep in mind that I'm just getting started, but want a camera that can grow with me):
  • Which Canon Rebel should I get? Specifically, what three little letters should I be looking for?
  • Do I just buy the "body" of the camera? Whatever that means. I'm assuming with no lense-do I need one of those right off?
  • Where should I go to get the camera?? Is Best Buy a good place or no?

Don't laugh at me please! I'm so confused....*head in hands*


  1. Congrats on getting a big girl camera! And yeah for no charge on the Mac. I may put my big girl panties on this week end and go buy me a Mac.

    Someone will have to answer your abcdefg question on the Canon. I am a Nikon girl.

    Yeah, you need to get a camera with a lens package.. the body is just that.. the part that you hold ..without the lens. You may want to talk to a Canon person about the lens types. I know what mine came with and what other ones I have bought. But Canon is different than Nikon.

    I bought my Nikon D40 and D90 the Ebay... But threw a camera store on there. My cameras came in a packaged box sealed from the manufacturer. But you can go to Best Buy or where ever to get one. That is up to you.

    There - that is my 2 cents worth!! I am not sure I was any help since I know nada about Canons. :)

    PS - thanks for the Mac advice ;)

  2. Can't help you out too much with the cannon! I have a Nikon that I purchased from Best Buy and I LOVE IT! Best Buy is a great place to get your camera! :0) The camera should come with a basic lens. So when you purchase it, you should be able to take pictures right away...you should have a body and a basic lens altogether! Good luck! :0)

  3. My point and shoot is a Canon, so I want to get a Rebel because I'm used to a Canon camera. As for the rest, I have no idea! I'm looking to get one in a few years but I don't know which version is best.


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