Saturday, July 31, 2010

I don't get it!

Blogger won't let me upload pictures for some reason...I keep getting an error. Ugh! I think it might have to do with iphoto and the DSLR photo software messing each other up. Hopefully I can figure it out soon-I miss my blog and all of you guys!

Friday, July 23, 2010

I am not Superwoman...

  • I cannot get a blog post up everyday (or even at a regular time), comment on all the blog posts that I'd like to, or stay up to date on those posts (I'm usually 2 or 3 days behind)
  • I cannot get everything done at work before I go home each day
  • I cannot bake something from scratch for someone's last day at work
  • I cannot spend enough time playing with the dogs and taking them for walks
  • I cannot see my friends every week like I want to
  • I cannot keep up with my personal emails and social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) like I probably should
  • I cannot stay up each night until all the laundry is folded, dishes are put up, the house is clean
  • I cannot keep functioning on less than 6 hours of sleep each night (I'm averaging around 4.5)
  • I cannot always be the sweet girlfriend that there's for him when he needs me
  • I cannot be the perfect daughter/granddaughter that calls and visits enough

What I can do is:

  • Realize that I have to take care of myself first or everything else will suffer
  • Know that I can only do my best
  • Understand when I'm at my breaking point and take a step back

So, I'm not going to stress that I used pre-made cookie dough to bake cookies and made a Jello No-Bake Cheesecake instead of going all out like I would have preffered. I'm not going to stress that somtime's emails go unanswered for a couple of days. I'm not going to stress that I haven't called my grandfather in the past few months. I'm not going to stress that at this very moment, the dishwasher is full, there's a pile of laundry in the dryer and my bed is unmade and....

Instead, I know I've hit a wall and it's time to re-evaluate. It's time to retreat from all my responsibilities for a little bit and take some me-time. Take time to get a plan of action to get the most important things done. Maybe get a massage or a pedicure. Just relax...because life goes by far too quickly and I don't want to spend it with a racing heart and a knotted stomach.

I am not Superwoman, but I am doing the best I can and that's all I can ever ask of myself.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A little project...

I was reading Perfect Sentiment and came across a post with all these quotes compiled into a downloadable sheet. I absolutely love quotes, so I printed off all three sheets that she offered and decided to make myself a little inspiration board for the home office.

I picked up this bulletin board at Hobby Lobby:

Gathered together all the quotes:

And put them on the new board along with some photos I had laying around that hadn't made it into frames yet:

I need to go back to Hobby Lobby and have them put a string thing on the back so I can hang in horizontally. It's meant to be hung vertically, but I don't think it will look right over my desk.

Honestly, today was not that great of a day for me. Work has been stressful and I have so much going on that I've gotten overwhelmed. I picked up these flowers at Target to cheer me up a bit:

And finally, I love my dogs, I really do...but I woke up to this:

It's a good thing they're so cute!

P.S. I had originally installed the photo software that came with my camera so I could upload photos. Since I started using it, I have to upload one picture at a time to Blogger and each one takes about 5 minutes. I started to get frustrated and deleted the new software and decided to just use iphoto again. Well now my pictures are much smaller and when I try to make them big, they get all pixilated (spelling?). Does anyone know how to fix this?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blog Love...

Good morning! Today's post will be short because I'm training with our accounting person to take over part of her position once she leaves this Friday. Accounting=headaches.

Anyway, when I first started blogging I was always trying to find new, inspirational, fun blogs to read. I mostly did that by looking at the blogroll of the blogs I liked, but I thought I'd dedicate this post to some of my favorite bloggers.

I have tons of blog crushes and there's no way I can link to them all, but here are just a few that motivate me to be a better person, give me great ideas, or just entertain me with their thoughts:

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday was a day of rest, now it's just one more day for progress...

I love that Rascal Flats song! And usually I do try and just enjoy the day without stressing too much over the to do list. However, yesterday was not one of those days.

I started the day off by taking the dogs to the dog park:

I also played with Picnik a little bit-I could easily spend hours on that site! Then I went to Starbucks for some coffee and picked up a sandwich at this great local place.

After I got home and ate lunch I needed to take down this plastic green fence that my dad and I put up when the wooden fence was torn down to repair the flooding issue.

I had thought it would be really simple to do, but it was 97 degrees out and I'm sure it felt like it was over a hundred. Those poles were really stuck in the ground and once I got them out, I had to roll everything up and take it to the garage.

I got it all taken care of and put out the sprinkler to try and help the sod that just got put down grow a little quicker. Maddy loves to roll around in it and comes back COVERED in grass because it's all dry.

Then I dragged the hose thing around to the front yard and watered all the plants and trees. I was so hot and sweaty by then that I just layed down on my kitchen tile like the dogs do when they're hot. It actually really helped cool me down!

Once I wasn't dying from the heat, I vacuumed the whole house and then shampooed all the carpets:

Then I washed the car, vacuumed it, cleaned all the plastic on the inside, cleaned all the inside windows, quick waxed the car and polished the headlights.

Then I took a quick shower, went to my parents for dinner and came home to start laundry:

and take care of this pile of bills, junk mail and misc. stuff.

Super busy day!

And then I spent the rest of the night cuddling with this cute face :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Silent Sunday...

Air conditioning, a good book and shaved ice make for a perfect summer day :-)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Christmas in July!

If you follow me on Twitter than you already know that Thursday afternoon seriously felt like Christmas morning to me. I bought my new camera!

I had done my research, talked to photographers, physically played around with each model and brand to see which ones I felt most comfortable with and got.....tada!

This camera is FANTASTIC! I'm in love. I had to charge the battery for a couple of hours Thursday night so I didn't get to play around with it much. But, yesterday at work all I could think about was coming home and getting it all set up. And of course, I had my trusty "manual" to help me out. This thing is great! Considering I know pretty much nada-this has become my go to resource to even figure out which button is which!
This is what my dining room table looked like as I was going through and figuring everything out. I ended up buying a lense filter and a memory card as well so that I could start taking pictures right away. Several people recommended the lense filter just in case the camera bumps into something, the filter should protect the lense from breaking. And it was only $11 so I figure it can't hurt!
I've only taken a few pictures and they've all been in the fully automatic mode. I'll be reading up in my "Dummies" book and hopefully I'll catch on and learn how to use the manual modes soon. Even though it is just the automatic setting, I'm thrilled with how much better these pictures are then my old point and shoot :)

I'm thinking of maybe even taking a photography class soon too! I just find it so interesting and I think it will be a great hobby for me.

I'm off to take more pictures!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Date Night!

I should start by saying that the boy and I haven't gone on a "date" in a LONG time. Sure, we go out to dinner or watch a movie, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Well Wednesday night we went to the Melting Pot for a cooking class! I get emails from them and saw one that said they were offering their first ever cooking class. It would be three courses for $25 and $45 if you wanted wine pairings as well. You get to actually make your own fondue and would also be dipping and taking home chocolate coated strawberries :)

I immediately called Shawn and asked him to take off work and we made it a date! Ya'll...I had an AMAZING time. I can't even put into words how giddy I felt that night and I was even in a great mood bright and early the next morning even though I got less than 6 hours of sleep! We made two different cheese fondues and one chocolate one. The food was beyond delicious, but that wasn't why it was so great. It felt good to get out of the house and do something different. We both had obviously never been (since it was their first one) and so we learned and experienced it all together.

By the end of the night I was relaxed (although, I'm sure some of that was due to the number of Yin Yang's I consumed-those things are the best alcoholic drink I've ever had!), laughing and just generally felt even closer to Shawn. I think it's so important to make time for date nights. And make those nights a time to do something new and adventurous.

It definitely strengthened our relationship and I hope to make it a goal AT LEAST once a month!

I hope you guys schedule one soon :)

*I'm sorry I haven't been commenting on your posts lately. The internet at work is messed up and it usually won't let me leave comments. Hopefully, it will get fixed soon!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oh vey...

Let's start with the fantastic, amazing, thrilling news...I got my macbook back! And I didn't get charged a penny to fix it! I love you Apple Store :)

Bad, horrible, sad camera has bit the dust. It's just a point and shoot that will no longer hold a charge. So to make lemonade out of my lemons I've decided this is the perfect opportunity to buy a big girl camera! I've been pondering it for weeks and while this is sooner than I had just gotta roll with what life throws at you.

The problem is that I'm now soooo confused. I spent the morning googling reviews and getting advice on exactly what camera I should buy and I'm lost. I think that I like Canon better than Nikon because it felt more comfortable when I played around with them at Best Buy. However, I thought it would be easy to just buy a Canon Rebel and be done with it. Ummmm, not so much.

There's xti's and xi's and tsi and abcdfg's...arg! I'm really confused! Please help! These are the questions I have (keep in mind that I'm just getting started, but want a camera that can grow with me):
  • Which Canon Rebel should I get? Specifically, what three little letters should I be looking for?
  • Do I just buy the "body" of the camera? Whatever that means. I'm assuming with no lense-do I need one of those right off?
  • Where should I go to get the camera?? Is Best Buy a good place or no?

Don't laugh at me please! I'm so confused....*head in hands*

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A lil' bloggy break...

My macbook has contracted a very rare disease and will be out of action for awhile...actually, I accidentally dropped it off my (very high) bed and the backlight keeps going out. It should be fixed within the next week or so! I would blog at work, but everyone is having trouble getting a good connection so I'm forced to take a little break. Be back soon!

Monday, July 5, 2010

I don't want to write this...

but it's time for me to face the facts. I've gained A LOT of weight since I graduated college. Like way more than I can bring myself to actually put down here for anyone to see. I'm embarrassed, but it's more than that.

I avoid social situations that will cause me to feel awkward because of my weight. That means that anything involving a swimsuit is out and unfortunately, that means I'm missing so much during the summer. I'm missing trips floating the river, camping, bbq's, just hanging out with my friends around the pool....It sucks, but I'd rather avoid it than spend the entire time being miserable.

Getting dressed each day has turned into a nightmare. I spend far too much money on new clothes hoping something will make me feel pretty, when I know that I just need to lose the weight. I hate that I can only shop in certain stores that carry my size. I hate comparing myself to every other woman in the room to see if I'm the fattest one there. When I was thin I could walk into a room confidently because I felt good about myself and that's no longer the case.

I just generally don't feel well. I have all kinds of aches and pains and I'm constantly tired. And really, that only makes sense since my body is forced to carry around all this additional weight.
I've decided that it's time to do something about it. I'm having horrible pains in my right side and my doctor thinks I might be dealing with some ovarian cysts. I go to another doctor tomorrow to find out for sure and while I don't think being overweight caused the cysts, I do think that being thin and healthy helps your body deal with things when something is wrong much easier than it can do while you're so heavy.

It's time to get my life back. I'm sick of worrying about my body failing me, when I'm failing myself. It's time to do something...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cohen Moment of Silence

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