Monday, June 14, 2010

Oklahoma Weather....

On Christmas Eve we had one of the worst snow storms that I can remember. The drifts were taller then me, tons of people got stranded, it was just crazy.

Then we had a hail storm with baseball size hail and it's not unusual to see cars driving down the road with cracked windshields and dents all over the entire car.

We've had at least two storms with tornadoes that got really close to where I live.

And then it was raining when I needed to leave for work. My backyard was flooded, but that happens everytime it rains because the builder didn't grade it correctly (that's another story). So I leave for work and everything's fine. It usually takes me about 25 minutes to get there.

I take this one highway to work that's notorious for bad traffic anytime it rains. There's always accidents so I wasn't surprised when I had to slow down pretty much right after I got on. It was pouring, the thunder was shaking my car, etc. Eventually we just stop and I keep listening to the radio to see if there was an accident, but they don't mention the road I'm on. They do say that there's been some flooding so be careful. Well 30 minutes passed and I hadn't even gone half a mile so I called my co-worker that takes the same road in as me and let her know that I was stuck in traffic. It turns out that she was right next to me in the other lane. So we inch our way forward and eventually make it a couple of more miles.

By this time we're an hour late for work and have been in our cars for an hour and a half. We get up to a bridge that goes over another major highway and I'm shocked. There are cars completely underwater, people just standing out in the rain with umbrellas, stalled cars everywhere, and traffic backed up for miles. I start to realize that things are pretty serious. I mean this is a MAJOR highway and cars are driving the wrong way to get away from the water and it looks like a river down there. You can't even see the road.

So we just keep inching along and the police divert us off the highway. At this point it's been two hours and I've spoken with someone at work and know that most of the roads to work are flooded. I lose my co-worker in the traffic and start trying to navigate city streets, but I get sooo lost. I was all turned around because every time I started to go down a street, I had to turn around because cars were stalled and the water was rising. I was starting to panic a little bit because I had no idea what to do.

I finally found a clear street and made it to work. It took two and a half hours, but I made it.

I'm there for a little over an hour when I start getting calls from the boy and my parents. There are four major highways that I can take home and three of them were closed. All but one of the streets leading to my house were closed. They were evacuating the area where my work was. I kept hearing all of this and was like OMG. This is really bad.

I decided to leave work and took the last highway that was open. I actually left at a really good time because the rain had stopped by my house and the water had receded enough for me to get home.

So I'm home now and I've been watching the news for most of the day. The intersection that I used to get on the highway on my way to work completely flooded at some point after I went through there. And the funny thing is, there was absolutely no standing water on the roads when I was there. The water just came up so fast!

I hope everyone's okay. I know that there have been tons of people stranded, roads collapsed, water rescues, etc. One neighborhood by me was completely flooded and people had to be rescued.

Crazy Oklahoma weather....


  1. That's awful! Glad you're okay!

  2. I saw this on the news! Scary. I'm glad you made it home safe. Hopefully OK weather will be on the upswing.


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