Friday, June 4, 2010

I had the best of intentions...

I went to Williams-Sonoma during my lunch break today and I had INTENDED to pick up something simple. Like those soap dispenser things they have in great scents. Or a wine pump. Or one of the other lovely suggestions I got from you guys and my friends at work.

And then it happened....I walk in the store and the first thing I see is a HUGE display of grilling, 4th of July type items. All thoughts of being realistic fly out the window and I just start grabbing things. Damn them with those snazzy displays!

I ended up with this BBQ sauce:

This rub because it smelled so yuuuuumy...
These curly skewer things:

And some stars and stripes towels. I'm going to run by Target and pick up something to put everything in. They have these metal drink holder things-basically they're a big ice bucket that you put beers and stuff in during the summer...know what I'm talking about?

I think it will be very cute, themed gift. The problem is...I sent nearly $70 at W.S. on just those four items (which is fine because I love my bff, and this is her first house and she deserves it!) and I don't even have any idea whether or not she has a grill....


  1. This is SO cute! Way to go! And if she doesnt have a grill, she'll get one now! :) hah.. Even the little cheapy ones are fun! (This is coming from a girl who has a little cheapy one). :)

  2. What a fabulous idea! Even if she doesn't have a grill I am sure she'll be getting one! You'll have to take a picture of everything together. Honestly after she receives your gift she'll definitely get a grill!


  3. sometimes its just fun to get things so unexpectedly!!! Looks like you had a great shopping day!


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