Monday, June 7, 2010

The great camera debate....

I read so many blogs that have just AMAZING photographs. I've been asking around and it seems like there are pretty much two cameras that everyone is using.

The Canon Rebel:

And the Nikon D40:

I need some help! I know absolutely nothing about cameras, but I really want to start getting into photography. I want something that is relatively easy for me to figure out how to use, but something that can also grow with me if I decide to really make photography a hobby.

Also, do all of you use photoshop? Or lightroom? I think those are the two editing softwares that I've heard the most about, but I could be completely wrong.

So give me all the advice you can!!!!


  1. Canon Rebel!! I have one and LOVE the pics it takes...I don't really know how to use it yet :) haha (and I've had it for about a year :)) But I love it!!

  2. I also use for editing....Very basic, because I'm too poor for photoshop :) I very easy to use...And if you upgrade it gives you more things you can do with editing...

  3. Husband and I are saving for a Rebel. I just like the Canon interface because those are the point and shoot cameras we've been using for years. But I've heard they're about the same!

  4. I LOVE My Nikon D40...but I have the D40X. It was similiar to the Nikon D60 but here recently, Nikon has changed their numbers once again! lol Good luck deciding! I love love love mine! :0) I don't use photoshop. I have it but I don't really edit my pictures much. I have a photography blog...
    I'm not a great photographer..I just love to have fun with it! Those aren't my kids, by the way..they are friends kids! LOL
    Good luck!!!

  5. My first DSLR was a Nikon D40. LOVE!! I just upgraded to a D90 *heart throb*. I dont know much about Canons. So good luck!!

    I use picnik over at Flickr. I have upgraded tot he Pro account ($25 a year). So worth it.

  6. I wish I was better at photography.. however I do own a Canon Rebel Xti. It's a great camera. My husband has the Xt, I have Xti, and I bought my mom an Xti. We love it.

  7. I went to college for marketing and design and had to take many photography classes. The rebel is the best, but it can be tricky to learn, and your pictures may seem weird when you first start because you have to be able to change settings. Its a lot of manual use. Fun camera but definitely not a point and shoot type deal. I use photoshop since I do design work I have grown to use it when it comes to anything and everything. If you want more of a "point and shoot" camera there are fabulous ones out there. The rebel is technically for people who want to be professional photographers as that is what most professionals have.


  8. I would love to be a great photographer, but I'm pretty bad. I've been wanting to get more into it, so maybe this summer will be the time to do it. Good luck in finding a great camera!

  9. I have neither, so I can't help you there!
    Can't wait to see what you decide though!

  10. Okay girl! I have the Nikon D40 ( so does the rest of my family) and we just love it! Seriously, like my mom has it, my BFF, my sister-inlaw . It is the bestest to us! I would pay the extra mula thought and get the zoom lens. SO worth it! Have a fab weekend lovely!


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