Monday, June 28, 2010

The great backyard flood...

I mentioned yesterday that the builder is having to fix my backyard-this is why:

This happens every.single.time it rains. Originally they told me the yard was uneven so they dumped a bunch of sand, huge rocks, and miscellaneous stuff in the yard to try and fix it. These pictures were taken after that so it obviously didn't get fixed. These were also taken after they told me they needed to raise the fence to give the water somewhere to drain. No bueno.

Here's to the third time being the charm. Hopefully it will finally fix the problem for good. I should actually take pictures of the yard tomorrow because it looks CRAZY. Half the fence is missing, the sod is all torn up, there's mud everywhere...please, oh please, let this work!

P.S. Thanks for your sweet comments yesterday. Since we still work together I'm going out of my way to remain as friendly as I can in order to not cause any additional tension and things at work went better today because of it. I believe that you get back what you put out into the world so I'm trying to just be the best person that I can be. Silly example of this: I was at Panera Sunday picking up some bagels for the week and opened the door for a man trying to navigate a wheelchair out. I go inside and order a cin. roll for breakfast and they give me two just because! I know that's kind of ridiculous example, but if we're nice to others, it usually comes back in some way. :-)


  1. OHMYGOSH! That's insane!!!! Sorry about that, girl! :(

    And glad you're taking the high road with your former friend... I agree about that whole karma and what comes around goes around...

  2. That's insane, and totally out of line they haven't fixed it yet. Hope it works!

  3. I happened upon your blog and OH! I feel for you... I had a similar thing happen... In the end after two or three things ... some sort of gravel drain...and an actual grate drain it doesnt pool anymore.

    Its awful isnt it?


  4. Oh my goodness that is insane! My parents backyard looks like that after it snows and that melts its really annoying.


  5. ugh! i would be very frustrated if that's what my yard looked like! i hope they get it all figured out soon!!
    sorry to hear about you and your friend hun, you are making the best decision for yourself though :)
    i totally believe in karma... ;)

  6. Awe, I hope your yard gets fixed! That's brutal!
    And I totally believe in karma, just like in your example! Good things happen to good people :)

  7. That's crazy about your yard!

    I'm so sorry about your friend. Hope things get better for you.


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