Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I'm just curious...I haven't told many people that know me in real life (ha! that makes blogging sound like fake life) that I have a blog. I like not having to worry about someone I work with or a family member reading something on here and then twisting it all around or something. Although, you never know who's reading, but anyway....

I'm wondering what you guys think about posting pictures of people on your blog that don't know you have a blog. For example, I babysat this weekend and wanted to post pictures of the cutest little boy ever, but I don't know how his mom would feel about it if she found out after the fact.

Or when I do things with friends I take pictures, but then I don't post them because I'm not sure how I would feel if I found out there were pictures of me on the internet that I had no idea about.

For those of you that don't tell everyone you have a blog...do you only post pics of those that are in the know?


  1. I have a blog besides the one I have at Blogspot. People (kids/bf/sis/friends) all know I have it but I dont allow them to read it. I dont even tell them the address and name. I make most posts private that only people/friends in the blog world can read. There on that blog I post what ever photos that I want (with watermarks) cuz it is limited as to who can see them.

    On this blog I post tons of photos but I have permission from the people to put them online. I have only had ONE photo shoot that said NO - absolutely none of their kids photos could be posted. It was a shame cuz the boys were cute little twins.. they were adorable.

    yeah - I am of no help! sorry

  2. I do, most of the time they'll never know, and if they do well i'll take it down but so far so good.

  3. The only person who ever really shows up in my pictures is my husband and puppy. He knows I have a blog but he doesn't know the address to it or how to access it. He doesn't mind me posting pictures. I think that is definitely a though call. Some people are pretty uptight about pictures of their children or pictures of themself. I guess it depends on who it is. I know my mom for instance would have 300 cows if I posted any pictures of her. :) lol My dad wouldnt' care. Nor would my brother or a friend of mine. So I guess it all depends on the person and what you are using it for. You could always blur out the face or put a little smiley face over their face or soemthing to disguise who it is? Good luck!

  4. All my friends think I'm crazy for having a blog! Ha! I sometimes worry about posting pictures too...but most of my friend's do not care. I wouldn't post pictures of children unless we are related or something.

  5. I have not told anyone but family about the blog. I will probably do so later but right now I love my little secret.

  6. Most of my IRL friends don't know I have a blog, but I've had the thought a couple of times about people seeing pictures of themselves on there. Here's my general rule: If I wouldn't post it on Facebook, I won't post it on my blog. For example, my sister is an elementary school teacher & I have pictures of her getting a private lap dance at my Bach party that I wouldn't ever post because that could hurt her reputation. When it comes to kids, I only post pictures of my nieces & nephews because I know that their parents wouldn't care. It's a different story if it's a picture that you can't really tell who they are (meaning an artistic picture or something where their back is to the camera). My motto: If in doubt, leave it out. :-)

  7. A lot of my IRL friends know I have a blog, and I still usually ask before posting a pic. Not always, but usually.

    As for kids though, you have to be really careful. If there parent doesn't know, they could get very mad. Working at a school, I've seen some parents become very angry over this. Just be careful!


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