Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I've been...

I've been:
  • playing a bunch of Farmville. I'm beyond addicted to this game. I log in every single morning to harvest, plow and seed my plots. Do any of you play? If so, tell me so I feel a little bit better about this obessession! It's crazy how much time I spend playing.
  • drinking lots of Starbucks thanks to a giftcard from my godparents mother. She's the sweetest woman and always sends me a gift for Easter. She obviously knows me well...coffee gets me going in the morning.
  • enjoying my boss being on vacation. While I still have lots of work to get done, the atmosphere is just more relaxed when he's out of the office.
  • trying to catch up on reading everyone's blogs and making time to post on my own. I obviously rely on work time too much to keep up with the blog, because when work gets busy, the blog gets neglected.
  • celebrating my birthday! My birthday is actually tomorrow, the 21st, but since that's a Wednesday, I did some celebrating this weekend. My parents and I went to The Melting Pot because it's by far my favorite place to eat. Cheese and chocolate fondue? Yes please!
  • deep cleaning my house because one of my best friends drove down to see if for the first time! She made the nearly 2 hour trip to hang out and see my new home so I wanted it to be pretty for her :)
  • thinking of ways to save money. I would love to decorate the entire house immediately, but I'm slowly accepting that it's a work in progress and spending all my savings just to have it done would not be a good thing, no matter how appealing it seems. I have this nesting issue where I need everything to be put up, decorated, etc. to feel truly comfortable, so this has been hard.
  • reading this story. It's about a 23 year old woman that got diagnosed with cancer and is now 28, but losing her battle. I'm only on Chapter 9, but it seriously helps me to appreciate my health and make the most out of every moment. I reminded myself several times this morning that even though I was tired, to not be grumpy, but instead be thankful that I have a job that I can wake up and go to.


  1. Oh dear lawd! Wanna talk about addicted to FV and Zoo World. Girl, lemme just say it is a good thing that I can not access Facebook from work, cuz I would not get any work finished. OH fell free to add me if you want.. you can find me under Shari Yelton Fox. ;) we can do some co-oping!!!

    WooHoo! Happy Birthday Tomorrow!!!

  2. I'm home sick today, so I was just claiming all my gifts from Farmville. I used to be super addicted but the addiction is wearing off :)

  3. My ex used to set an alarm so that he could get to his crops in time to harvest them. That's obsession right there. One of my ex-employees, who wasn't producing, was playing Farmville all day long during business hours. So I fired her. She didn't go quietly. Oh well.

    Have a wonderful birthday!

  4. Happy early bday!! I looooove the Melting Pot!!

  5. I play FarmVille it's so addicting I even got my Dad and Mom addicted. I am just mad with it right now because I need to harvest my tomatoes and I can get it to load

  6. Our house has been a work in progress for almost a year. I would rather take my time and get it right than rush but I understand your feeling of getting it done.

  7. I play all the time and my neighbors and I compete to see who can get to the next level first. I have learned alot of tricks by doing this.

  8. I've been...
    Watching goats give birth, milking 4 goats three times a day, feeding 3 baby goats 5 times a day...

  9. happy birthday girl!! hope it is AMAZING! :))

  10. Thanks for sharing that link!! I've been following the story, but hadn't seen that yet. Such a tragic story!


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