Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm keeping it PG...

So I mentioned awhile back that I was asked by one of my best friends to go to this "slumber party" she was hosting. It's actually an adult party for women and I was pretty nervous about going, so I wanted to give you an update!

The party was actually a blast! It turns out that everyone else was kind of feeling as awkward as I was and the presenter made a really big effort to crack a lot of jokes and put everyone at ease. If we answered a question right or read a description aloud for her we got a necklace with a picture of a hot male celebrity that we called our "boyfriends." The person with the most boyfriends at the end got a big discount on whatever they bought, so it kind of encouraged everyone to participate and just have fun!

I will say that some of the items are very fun and flirty-not at all risque, but towards the end of the presentation the presenter brought out some pretty crazy stuff! However, to keep this blog PG I'll share with you some of the not so scary things that I picked up:

I know it's hard to tell, but this a candle that you can use as massage oil once you light it and the wax melts or you can use it cold as a massage cream. Mine is a chocolate scent and it smells delicious!

This little heart is one of those things that will heat up by pushing on this little metal disc inside it and turn into a solid heart. To turn it back into liquid so you can use it again, you just boil it in hot water. I actually love this little thing. I know that you can find these other places-probably for much cheaper since you aren't paying for the brand-but I never seem to remember to pick one up. I have pain in my side from all my surgeries and this little heart is the perfect size to lay where I'm having pain and ease it all away! I also used it on my jaw when it got so sore a couple of weeks ago. I'm sure the company intended for it to be used in an ummm, more sexual manner, but oh well :)
I ended up getting 4 or 5 things and so did most of the other girls there. You go into a private room to order so everything is really discreet. I would definitely go to another party!

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  1. I went to one of these parties just this past Saturday. It was a blast. I also got the warming heart. I <3 it lots also. I wish I would have bought the lotion also.

    but - I did buy the sweet body oil and the body glitter. ANDDDDDD -- guess what!!! I am freaking allergic to the body oil. :( I am all broken out in hives on my neck and chest. Big fat bummer!!

    At the party we went to they had anyone who want to bring a *sexy* snack and all snack were voted on. Since you are keeping this PG then I wont tell you about our sexy snack we WONT with.. ;)


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