Saturday, March 27, 2010

Max's birthday!

I'm horribly late posting this (his b-day is in early February), but I wanted you all to see the cute cake I got for Max's birthday! I had really wanted to get Max a cake for his 1st birthday, but I decided to save money instead and just got him a bunch of toys. This year I was determined to get him a cake because he's seriously one of the best little pups ever. :) Here's the cake I got him from this specialty dog bakery:

When I first got Max he seemed to have an allergy to peanut butter so I went with the carrot cake and cream cheese icing. I thought it looked yummy, but the inside was really hard! I'm not sure if it's supposed to be like that or not, but regardless I gave a piece to each one of the pups:

They definitely enjoyed the icing waaay more then the actual cake, but I didn't give them too much because I was worried they'd get sick. I had tons of leftovers even after taking it to my parents so their three dogs could have some. I don't think I'll get another one next year, but it was super fun to do it just this time!

Do you guys celebrate your dogs birthdays?


  1. haha aw what a fun idea! i celebrate my pup's birthday every year too but he has a super sensitive stomach so he usually just gets some peanut butter or extra treats that day :)) and of course i buy him lots of new dog toys, lol.

    thats a cute cake!!

  2. LOL I'm sure they loooved it! Happy Birthday Max!

  3. How CUTE!!! I love the cake! that's so adorable! a girl I work with celebrates her dog's b-days with cake, too! What a fun idea! Happy b-day Max!!

  4. we celebrate dog birthday at our house! pumpkin turns 5 in june, i need to think of something good for her!


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