Monday, February 1, 2010

Bachelor Spoiler...

I never watch The Bachelor but for some reason I got sucked into this season. I just finished watching tonight's episode and I can't believe Vienna is still there! I have no clue what Jake sees in her, but I looked up the spoilers online and they say she's the winner of the whole show! I can't believe it. Ali's my absolute favorite and the spoilers say she leaves voluntarily after the home town dates-I really hope it's not true :(

Hmmm, this was a very shallow post...back to more serious things soon!


  1. I LOVE Ali!!!! And I read that on reality steve, too.. Ugh. ANd he's been right this whole time about the other seasons. If she wins, ugh.. I cant even describe my distaste. She's gross. ANd when he said she looked sexy tonight, I was like "are we looking at the same person?" haha!

  2. I don't think it's shallow... I really enjoy reality television. It's an escape from my own reality!

  3. I saw it last night for the first time and I don't like Vienna either. The clips of next weeks made me think someone was going to leave.

  4. I read all that too....and I'm actually more of a Tenley fan then Ali...but I like them both. I hatttttte Vienna :(


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