Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh my!

I am soooo behind on reading blogs!

Max got really sick Thursday night and spent all day Friday and then again all day Saturday at the vet getting fluids, so I've been taking care of him. I was really worried about him and ended up calling my mom Sunday morning crying because I wasn't sure if he would pull through whatever was wrong. He hadn't eaten in 3 days, he was refusing to drink, he was extremely lethargic, and TMI...but his bowel movements were basically just blood. The vet didn't know what was causing it or why it happened so quickly, but he had Max on a ton of meds. My parents came over Sunday afternoon and let me sleep for a little bit (I was up around the clock with him for 3 days trying to get him to eat or drink and making sure he got outside to throw up and go to the bathroom) and my dad finally got him to eat some of Maddy's food. We had tried everything but her food, so I'm glad my dad tried it. Once he started eating, he slowly started getting better and after getting more fluids Monday, he got the IV removed and is pretty much back to normal today! Woohoo! My 10 lb little boy lost a couple pounds, but I think he'll gain it back since he's eating pretty much regularly.

So now that everything has calmed down, I hope to catch up on all your blogs!


  1. Poor Max!! Poor you as well!!I know that had to be stressful! Glad he's doing better!

  2. That is scary! I am so sorry your baby was sick! They truly are fur babies. I am glad he is doing better.

  3. Poor little Max!
    We're glad he is feeling better:)

  4. Poor guy! I hope he continues to get better!


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