Sunday, January 3, 2010

He loves her, he loves her not...

So far Max and Maddy seem to have a love/hate kind of relationship. I think Max loves playing with her, but he won't lay down by her or touch her bed or anything-it's kinda weird.

So I have a funny story for all of you...

When I first got little Maxwell I would take him to the dog park to play with the other little pups. At this point he wasn't lifting his leg to pee yet or marking anything so that was great. Well the big dogs at the dog park are separated from the little ones by a chain length fence. This HUGE dog came over to the fence so Max went to check him out. I'm keeping an eye on Max and see (and I swear this was all in slow motion) this HUGE dog lift it's leg and I yell "Nooooooooo....(still in slow motion) and watch as this brute pees all over my little puppy :( The owner of the huge dog didn't even apologize and I had to take home a pee soaked pup and give him a bath.

So I figure that was unfortunate, but we make another trip back to the dog park a couple of days later. My sweet little boy then proceeds to lift his leg and pee on every single dog at the park smaller then him and even managed to get a few people's feet. I was MORTIFIED! I've tried to take him back a few more times and he just pees on all the little dogs. So...we don't go there anymore. And it's weird because he'll only do it to dogs littler then him...

Anyway, so I bring Madelynne home and take her outside right after we get in the door so she can go to the bathroom. She's been in the car for almost 3 hours so I figure she probably needs to really go. Max goes out with us and goes pee and then comes over to her and...pees all over her! I couldn't believe it (although really, I should have expected it by now)! Poor Madelynne looked up at me all confused and I just stared in shock at Max. I mean really? really!?!?!?

The moral of this story is that I blame all of Max's bad behavior on that one HUGE dog that started out this whole sordid habit. Well that's not really a moral I guess, but you get the idea.

Hope you got a laugh ladies-have a good day!


  1. that is so funny but what a rotten habit to have, lol! ;-) Came over from Lianna's blog just to say what an adorable puppy you have but now I see it is cute!

  2. Haha! Your poor Madelynne! I can only imagine. I hope you're having a great time with them!

  3. awww...haha... I cant believe that guy didn't even apologize! Dogs learn so quickly from each other.. Gracie's gotten some interesting habits as well... Hopefully Maxwell will stop doing that to poor little Madelynne!!

  4. Wow, that is to funny!
    I'm in trouble if Toby starts "marking" things,(since he isn't neutered yet)...

    Poor puppies!

    Toby's Trainer
    SEGDI Raiser

  5. Too funny :)

    And thanks for the kind comment on my anniversary post today. I appreciate the support!


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