Wednesday, December 2, 2009


  • I spilled coffee down the entire front of my shirt on the way to work today. Thankfully it was iced coffee and not hot, but the huge stains I have running down my shirt are to say the least a bit ridiculous.
  • I have decided to use my coffee stained shirt as an excuse to run up to the mall and buy a new shirt...I'm thinking something from J-Crew or Ann Taylor...
  • I worked until 10pm last night and feel like I never really left this place
  • I still haven't put Christmas lights on the house or brought out my tree...and...I'm seriously considering paying someone to put up the lights. How lazy is that!?!?
  • I downloaded the "Lose It" application for my iphone and I'm pretty darn excited about it. What I'm not excited about is that I've already used nearly 500 calories this morning, which leaves me at less than a thousand for lunch, snack and dinner. Which is totally doable, but extremely hard when I'll be at the mall and pizza starts calling me name.
  • I also downloaded the grocery gadget ap and it's fabulous!
  • My puppy was feeling kind of sick, but thankfully he seemed to start feeling so much better last night!
  • I weighed myself this morning in only a bra and panties...which would have been fine had I chosen to do that in a room that had curtains or blinds. Instead I just hoped my neighbors wouldn't decide to look out their window that directly faces my guest bathroom where I banished the scale.
  • I'm going to see New Moon next Saturday!

Alrighty, I think that's enough with the bullets-have a great day girls!


  1. Spilling coffee on your shirt is a completely valid reason to go shopping! :)

  2. Ha! Love the justification for a new shirt! Cute cute! :) Hope you had a great day!

  3. oh no, sorry to hear about the coffee spill but yay for a new shirt ;)
    i hope your pup is doing better hun!
    have a good day/night!!!

  4. Thanks for your comment, lovely, and for asking about Eric's test!! :) He won't find out if he passes til mid December..and I am SO crossing those fingers.. haha.. :)

    And hope you had no coffee spills today!! (and that you found a super cute shirt yesterday, too!) XOXO!

  5. Oh that dang scale....

    I'm trying so hard to avoid it. Ick.

    And I tried Lose It too....for a week. =)

  6. Oh, I'm totally jealous of your iPhone. :) Those apps sound amazing!!! Good luck with your eating today. I know you can do it. And have fun shopping.


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