Saturday, December 26, 2009

Picutres Galore!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! This is truly one of the best times of the year! While giving presents is one of my favorite parts of the holiday because I love seeing everyone's faces when they open their gifts and it makes my day to know I got something for someone that they will really appreciate, I unfortunately didn't get to give very many gifts yet this year because of the snow storm. I was supposed to meet up with friends today but the roads are still really bad. So...I took some pictures of some of my gifts that my parents gave me! (Oh, and ignore the bad house needs to be cleaned so there's stuff in the backgrounds and my camera isn't quite up to par...)

Clinique Happy is pretty much the only perfume I wear and I'm almost out so this gift set was much appreciated!

I asked for this movie because it has such a great message-I watched it last night!

This might be my very favorite gift! I can't wait to get started! I have to wait though because I shoveled tons of snow and I can barely move today :(

I braved the weather this morning and went to Target to return some things and to take advantage of all the Christmas stuff being 50% off! I don't usually buy anything new in terms of decorations before the holidays unless it's something I need like Christmas lights or extension cords. I usually do all my shopping right after! These are a bunch of gift boxes and bows and gift tags...

Some more gift bags, ribbon, gift tags, ornaments to tie to the ribbon on gifts...

These are HUGE ornaments that were only $2.99 a piece. I'm going to string up some garland over the garage next year and hang these in the middle!

Christmas bowls! I don't have the rest of the set, but I figure they'll look cute with a silvery charger as a place setting next year. Can you tell I'm into silver for some reason?

I couldn't pass up this little guy! I saw him full price a little over a week ago and I'm so glad they had some left for me to pick up this morning!

My parents got me these comfy house shoes so I'm not freezing when I let Max outside. (He wanted to be in every picture!)

My parents also picked up this CD for me because I'm a huge Sugarland fan! My favorite song on the CD is "Settlin'." It's sort of become my new anthem for 2010. I am tired of settling and it's time to set the bar higher in all aspects of my life!

I picked up this contact paper today while at Target. If you've been reading my blog for awhile you know I love this black and white pattern so I couldn't pass it up! Plus my cabinets smell like stain still which makes my glasses smell that way and I hate drinking out of my glasses so I hope this helps!

And this is my favorite purchase of the day!!!! It's a cupcake tower! I've been wanting one for the longest time and I just happened to stumble across it today. I guess Target considers it a holiday item because it was also 50% off! I can't wait to use it-I think my co-workers better get used to cupcakes!

So I have this niche in my dining room that I didn't know what to do with, but I think I found the perfect solution for winter! I put it together from all kinds of things at Pier One. I'm thinking that maybe I'll get a big vase and put lemons in it for Spring...

More snowy pictures!

It hasn't snowed since Christmas Eve, but the drifts have been huge! There was 3 ft of snow piled up the whole width of my driveway so I been shoveling tons of snow. I was really worried about getting out and driving today, but I made it to Target okay. I saw lots of cars in the ditches and some spin out so I was glad when I made it there safely...then I got stuck in the parking lot! I couldn't believe I made it all the way there only to get stuck :( Some really nice people gave me a push out. Once I was done shopping I just decided to come home instead of run more errands and then I got stuck in my driveway! I have this little lip you have to go over to get into the driveway and I just kept getting stuck on all the ice and not going anywhere. I had to dig myself out and I finally got the car in the driveway! I think I'm avoiding the roads for!


  1. Hi Cassie- I just stumbled upon your blog and it's adorable! Glad you had a great Christmas...looks like you definitely got some great gifts!!

  2. Love that cupcake tower!!
    And about that fitness kit, feel free to send us the pink ball - as Toby messed up ours...(you know how their teeth are:)
    Merry Christmas!

    Toby's Trainer
    SEGDI Raiser

  3. I NEEEEEED that contact paper in a really bad way.

    Um, what aisle please? =)

  4. Happy new year from your friends in Vermont! :)

  5. That cupcake tower is super fab! I totally missed out on Target. We went way too late in the day this year. Sigh.

  6. LOVE the cupcake tower!!!!And oh how I adore that contact paper! If I was off work, that'd be my project fo sho. Also diggin what you did with taht little niche with the vase! Big fan! :) Hooray for you for getting out and shoppin despite our slightly bizarro weather o fun! :) And um... I still want the person who designed your blog to help me with mine!! :) I'll let her enjoy her holidays before I commence begging and bribing.. haha.. ;) Glad you had a Merry Christmas, love!! XOXO!


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