Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Lately I find myself thinking alot about my life. I lay awake in bed and marvel at what a great life I have. That's not to say that things never go wrong or there's not room for improvement, but overall, I am truly blessed.

I have this amazing home. Not only are my most basic shelter needs being met, they are being completely exceeded. I absolutely love my home. It was a long process starting with choosing the plans and then watching as it got built step by step, but it was totally worth it. I just sit in the living room and look around and I can't believe how lucky I am.

I have a great family. My parents always let me know that they care about it me and want the best for me. I know without a doubt that everything good in me comes from them. They taught me my values and the difference between right and wrong and I only hope I can do the same with my children one day. I love them so much and as I get older I'm becoming so much more aware then I want to be, that they too are getting older. I can't imagine not having them in my life and want to truly make the most of the time we get here one earth.

I have a job that allows me to pay the bills and I enjoy. It's rare that you come across both. While this isn't my dream job, I certaintly can't complain about having a job in this economy. And I've made friends here, that I never would have met had I not had to re-evaluate my plans and take a step out of my comfort zone.

I know that most 24 year olds wouldn't think of their health as much as I do. But, most 24 year olds haven't been told by so many people that they are lucky to be alive. Right after I had all those complications with my appendix rupturing, I spent LOTS of time in the hospital and I would hear how lucky I was daily. At first it shocked me because I couldn't really comprehend how serious the situation was. I focused on getting through day by day and my family made me feel safe and loved. As I sit here thinking back about that time in life, I remember my dad holding my hand one night and asking me not to die and my mom crying when the doctors would talk to her. 2007 was really hard on me and my family and I'm soooo thankful that I'm here today. I go about daily life and forget that I wasn't really supposed to be here today. That God decided to keep me here for some reason when medical science says I shouldn't have gotten to experience my 22nd birthday with my family, much less be getting to turn 25 next April, is absolutely mind blowing to me. I used to sit in the hospital and make all kinds of promises to myself-I would never take life for granted, I would find my purpose and pursue it with a passion, etc. It's hard to maintain that kind of motivation when you're no longer sitting in a hospital bed. I don't want to ever forget though, because I am truly blessed.


  1. I loved this post girlee...

    I think if everyone took this outlook on things, they would realize they have so much more to be thankful for than they thought.

    You are amazing woman.

  2. Wow. I had no idea about your appendix, etc... You're perspective is truly refreshing. I often get bogged down in the everyday.. stupid things like I really want to buy a home, but can't really swing it juuuust yet, but then I think "stop being like that! I've got a great job...with great people...in a tough economy...and I'm not suffering.. I'm doing FINE!" It's easy to get wrapped up in wants, dreams, desires...but I truly love putting it all in perspective b/c like you, I'm truly blessed in so very many ways... :) I'm happy for you in the place you're in, girlie and send kudos for the great blog post! XOXO!


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