Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I'm thankful for:
  • My amazing parents. They've given me waaay more than I deserve and I wouldn't be the person I am without them.
  • My friends. I've been MIA lately because of the house stuff and they still love me. One of my besties came over last night to check out the house and even though I haven't seen her in over a month, we picked up right where we left off. Friends are precious!
  • Shawn. I've also been neglecting to spend as much time with him as I should and starting today I'm going to make an effort to spoil him a little more!
  • My job. Even though it is sometimes difficult, I'm very thankful to even have a job in this economy. It allows me to have a home and provide for the things that I need and even some of the things that I want.
  • I'm thankful for my health. Even though I'm not 100%, I've come so far from where I was a couple of years ago.
  • Mr. Maxwell. Since I don't have any children, I truly do consider Max to be my little babe. He's got such a sweet puppy and I can't imagine each day without him.

Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday!

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  1. Aw, good post girlie. :) Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!


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