Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Slumber Party!

I need your help! I want to plan a little slumber party with two of my best friends and I want to pull out all the stops to make it amazing. Lately, I find myself really craving a way to fulfill this need I have to be all domestic and a good hostess. It's gotten even worse since I moved in the house, so I think a slumber party will be fun! These are my ideas so far:
  • Chick flicks obviously, but which ones? Some of the ones that I have are The Notebook, 27 dresses, The Devil Wears Prada, Because I Said So, Knocked Up, Sex and The City...anything I should make sure to include?
  • Making smores in the fireplace
  • Buying a king size foam bed thing (not sure what those are officially called) and spreading out tons of blankets and pillows on top of it in the living room for us all to watch movies and sleep on.
  • Buying tons of stuff to make a sundae bar
  • Making our own pizza
  • Buying some wine

What are some other ideas? Maybe different food? I don't really feel like we'd be doing anything other than eating and watching movies, but what else do you do at a slumber party? Oh, and I don't want to go tp someone's house or decorate someone's car...I have a vision of an adult slumber party (if that's even possible!).

I need you guys! Give me lots of ideas! Please :-)


  1. We are doing a girls night at my house on Friday night! We are watching Twilight (we are going to see New Moon next week) and probably He's just not that into you. It has become one of my favorite chick flicks. And we are doing wine and chocolate fondue! I'm going to buy some marshmellows and a ton of fruit to go with it.

    And smores are a great idea! That was a staple of our girls nights in college.

  2. all of your ideas sound like so much fun!!
    when my bestie comes over for slumberparties we usually have girl talk all night. order food in like chinese and make some adult beverages :) we watch ELF because that's our movie!
    i don't sleep in bed with my fiance those nights either. bestie and i each take a couch and camp out in my living room ;)

    i'm sure no matter what you do you and your besties are going to have the best time!!

    have a great thanksgiving hun!! XO!

  3. i think you should include The Holiday and Love Actually to your click flick list :)

  4. My pup gobbled them up! But of course, she's a lab, so she devours anything you offer her: paper, medicine, socks, etc. :-)

  5. US Magazines!!! =)

    Makes every girls night that much better!

  6. You can add board games to the mix- if you want to go grown up you could play Cranium or Pictionary and if you want to be little girls you could play Dreamphone or Pretty Pretty Princess.

    If you have some budget to play with you could bring in a mobile massage team or mobile main/pedi team.

    Sounds like so much fun!

  7. That sounds awesome! On the cooking/baking front I would suggest making my overnight french toast. It's sooo good. You do everything the night before and the next morning you just have to bake it. It's delicious and decadent!


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