Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hi ladies! I have some pictures of the house to show you! They're a little out of order, but I'm just proud of myself for taking them and getting them on here. I would make everything all pretty and put it all in the correct order, but work has been sooo busy that I haven't had any time to blog there and FlashForward and Grey's come on soon so I've got to hurry! :)

This first picture is a close up of the curtains I bought for the living room. They're black with those cream circles and I have to say I think they're perfect. Interesting, but not too busy.
This picture is a close up of my mantle. Last year I didn't have a mantle to hang stockings on so I bought those little hook things that you can stick to walls and stuck them to my entertainment unit and hung the stockings on that-kinda lame! So after Christmas I went to Hobby Lobby and got this stocking holder on sale and I'm so thrilled that I have a mantle to put it on this year!
This picture is of the living room curtains. I actually thought about making them longer, but I may end up putting a little table or bench in front of the window and these are the perfect length for that...I guess we'll see!
This is my mantle with the garland and lights all light up! It's so pretty at night when I turn off the rest of the lights and just have those lit up.
This is a close up of the curtains I bought for the office. They're black chandelier curtains that I got at Target because I wanted something fun for the office. Although, with the chair and curtains, I definitely need to stay away from pattern when decorating the rest of the room. It could get overwhelming pretty quickly!
And these are the curtains with the rest of the room. I have no idea why it's so dark.
So that's my update for the day! I hope to do a BIG 101 list update soon, but that will take some time and I'm not sure when I'll have the time to do it. Right now work is beyond crazy busy, which I don't understand since this is usually a slow time for us. And then I still need to paint and clean the apartment so I can turn in my keys and I still have quite a bit of unpacking and decorating to do with the house. I'm exhausted just thinking about it!


  1. I love the curtains!!! They are so neat!! Looks like you are going to have a blast decorating for christmas this year!!

  2. Your house is sooo cute! I wish I had a mantle to hang stockings on! I was looking at some really cute stocking hangers the other day. I might just have to settle for hanging them on the bookshelf, instead! You should pick one or two other solid colors for your office & let loose with solid accents. I love the damask!

  3. I put up out stockings this weekend too! House looks lovely! Just found your blog - it's so cute, you have a new follower :)


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