Friday, November 27, 2009

101 in 1001 Update

My 101 list has kind of gotten neglected, so I'm doing this update to get back on track!

1. Travel out of state with just Max: I haven't done this one yet and I may need to modify it. I do want to take a little trip with Max (my puppy), but I won't be able to just leave him at a hotel room by himself while I went out because he would freak out and cry the whole time. So...still working on figuring out this one.
2. Pay off my car: I'm paying extra on it each month so slowly but surely, it's getting there!
3. Order a magazine subscription: DONE-ordered SHAPE on 07-09-09
4. Take up a new sporting activity-swimming, running, etc: This has definitely not happened yet. Everytime I try running I get bad shin splints and end up quitting. I hope if I lose some weight, running will be easier because there won't be so much pressure on my joints.
5. Get a new girl puppy: I'm waiting on this because puppies can be so expensive! However, when I do get her, I'm naming her Madelyne.
6. Go to the zoo: I went with Shawn on 07-05-09 and had a great time!
7. Get my make-up professionally done: I had this done one day at the mall when I was supposed to get a facial, but it was unplanned and not really what I had in mind so I'm holding off to schedule an actual appointment and do it right.
8. Take 50 new friend pictures: I have been seriously slacking on this, but I hope to get a new camera soon and go picture crazy!
9. Take 20 new Max pictures: I have taken some, but didn't keep count so I need to start over.
10. Don't complain for an entire day: this has been way more difficult then I anticipated. I just really need to make an effort soon and do this.
11. Complete the C25K program: I'm waiting to lose some weight to try this again.
12. Run in a 5K: need to finish the C25K program first.
13. Eat healthy for an entire week: I want to do this one right and research it. I don't just want to avoid junk food-I want to make sure I get all the correct amount of servings that are recommended and all that goodness.
14. Customize blog: I've done some of this, but need to actually pay someone to get me a header and signature, etc. I'm not computer savvy enough.
15. Write in paper journal everyday for a month: I've started this several times and still haven't made it everyday for a month.
16. Print all pictures on camera: DONE on 05/16/09.
17. File and organize all paperwork: I am soooo far from done on this! It just seems to pile up-aaaah!
18. Eat a nice food place by myself: DONE on 07/31/09. I ate at Olive Garden and it was yummy!
19. Read 100 new books:
  • Bitter Is The New Black on 04-13-09
  • The Baby Chronicles on 04-17-09
  • Tales From The Crib on 04-27-09
  • The Secret Lives of Fortunate Wives on 05-14-09
  • The Cinderella Pact on 05-18-09
  • The Sleeping Beauty Proposal on 05-22-09
  • Lust For Life on 05-30-09
  • Sloppy Firsts on 07-11-09
  • Harry Potter Book #1 on 07-28-09
  • Harry Potter Book #2 on 07-29-09
  • Second Helpings on 07-29-09
  • Charmed Thirds on 08-02-09
  • Harry Potter Book #3 on 08-04-09
  • Harry Potter Book #4 on 08-07-09
  • Fourth Comings on 08-10-09
  • Harry Potter Book #5 on 08-14-09
  • Such A Pretty Fat on 08-16-09
  • Pretty in Plaid on 08-17-09
  • Harry Potter Book #6 on 08-20-09
  • Harry Potter Book #7 on 08-21-09
  • Perfect Fifths on 08-25-09
  • Better Single Than Sorry on 09-01-09
  • Behaving Like Adults on 09-30-09
  • The Time Travelers Wife on 10-13-09
  • Diary Of A Mad Bride on 10-17-09
  • A Charmed Death on 10-25-09
  • The Other Woman on 11-16-00
I've read 27 books at this time!
20. Send Amber a package just because: DONE on 05-09-09
21. Spend a whole day outside hiking and taking pictures: I can't wait to do this!
22. Go to WhiteWater by myself: DONE on 07-09-09
23. Take a roadtrip: I can probably cross this one off when I do number 1
24. Be true to myself: Obviously this is one that will be a life long process, but I haven't been paying as much attention to this as I should.
25. Buy a little black dress and go somewhere fancy: I want to be skinny when I do this and really feel amazing in that dress.
26. Decorate home: This is a work in progress, but it's coming along!
27. Compliment 10 strangers:
  • Complimented a real estate agents necklace at Century 21 on 05-13-09
  • Complimented a lady's shoes in the elevator at work on 05-27-09
This one is so easy and I can't believe I haven't already completed it-time to get to work!
28. Try 30 new recipes:
  • Jumbo stuffed pasta shells: I didn't write down the date on this one, but at least I know it was in 2009. It tasted alright, but it didn't knock my socks off.
  • BBQ Chicken Nachos in 2009: now this was amazing and I need to make it again soon
29. Buy a house: DONE on 11-1209!
30. Save $5,000: This one is gonna take awhile!
31. Start a Roth IRA: I really need to do this. My work doesn't offer a 401K so I need to research and find out what I need to do to start one.
32. Get Medical Records: I still need to get them from another hospital, but I have some of them.
33. Do something nice for my parents: My parents have done sooo much for me that I really want to do something for them, but I can't think of anything nice enough.
34. Wear a string bikini in public and feel good: This is not gonna happen until I lose weight.
35. Don't call into work unless actually sick for a year: I need to look at my work calendar to get the date of the last time I called in, but I know it hasn't been a year yet.
36. Compliment 10 people at work: DONE in August of 2009
  • Complimented L's wedding ring on 04-13-09
  • Complimented C's make-up
  • Complimented A's new engagement ring
  • Complimented M's hair
  • Complimented E's maternity jeans on 05-13-09
  • Complimented JA's dress on 06-18-09
  • Complimented JE's shirt on 07-01-09
  • Complimented D's shirt on 07-30-09
  • Complimented JE's hair on 07-30-09
  • Complimented L's dress in August 2009
37. Don't spend any money for a week: This is super hard and will take some major planning to pull off! Which is kind of sad, but I have to get gas and groceries and pay bills so I'll need to pick a week that I can stretch my gas and groceries, etc.
38. Implement 5 new "green" strategies:
  • Bought a BRITA pitcher instead of buying water jugs all the time on 06-21-09
  • Started using a "green" drycleaner in August 2009
  • Bought a house with all energy star appliances on 11-12-09
39. Transfer CD's to iTunes: I keep meaning to do this and haven't yet. I can only imagine how long this will actually take
40. Participate in a charity walk/run: I hope when I run a 5K it will be a charity race.
41. Make care packages for the troops: This Christmas would be a great time for me to cross this one off my list!
42. Volunteer at Free to Live: I'm a little scared to do this one because I'm afraid I might leave with a new puppy before I'm ready to get one!
43. Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity: My mom and I made a bet that if I lose more weight then her before Jan. 1st then she'll do this with me in the beginning of 2010.
44. Go to the acquarium: Hopefully Shawn and I can do this soon.
45. Go to the Omniplex: Same as number 44
46. Blog everyday for a month: DONE from 06-03-09 to 07-03-09.
47. Go to Vegas: This one is going to take some money and planning, but will be a blast!
48. Update passport: Need to do this at some point.
49. Donate money to 5 charities:
  • Donated $40 to the Freeman's for Kayleight from their blog on 04-27-09
I'm taking my time with this one to make sure I only give to those charities that really touch my heart.
50. Learn how to actually cut an onion: haha! I'm horrible at this and just kinda hack at them-I need help!
51. Learn how to wrap a pretty present: I give wrapping my best shot, but it's never just right.
52. Go to Affair of the Heart: I did do this early this year, but I went with my parents and my mom doesn't really like to go so we just sped through the whole thing. I want to go again and really take my time and enjoy looking at everything.
53. Make 10 new desserts:
  • Crack brownies on 07-18-09
  • Cake balls on 09-16-09
54. Buy items from 5 Etsy sellers: DONE on 11-26-09
  • Bought magnets and cards from Wishcake on 04-25-09
  • Bought black and white LOVE picture on 08-26-09
  • Bought black and white lunch sack on 08-27-09
  • Bought fabric magnet board on 11-26-09
  • Bought black and white address book
55. Buy an original painting: I have an artist in mind, but his paintings are expensive so I will probably wait awhile on this one.
56. Take and frame large black and white photos for home: I need to buy a new camera first
57. Go to OKC arts festival: DONE on 04/25/09
58. Go to a Thunder Game: I haven't done this one yet, but I have no doubt that I'll have trouble crossing this one off.
59. Take a spin class: My mom will do this one with me too if I lose the most weight
60. Get to a healthy BMI: I'm doing better with my eating, but I really need to step it up.
61. Take a "secret" day off and do nothing but play with Max, watch movies and eat junk food: this is going to be fantastic! I've taken alot of time off work lately because of moving so this one will have to wait until sometime in 2010
62. Be more patient: ugh! I'm completely failing at this one.
63. Treat my body right (get enough sleep, eat well, exercise, etc.): BIG FAIL right now
64. Get a clean bill of health and be off meds for at least 3 months: I'm only 2 meds right now so we're getting there!
65. Do pilates or yoga everyday for a month: I really have no excuse, but each time I start I never keep doing it for an entire month.
66. Do the 30 day shred videos: I was waiting until I got in the house so I wouldn't bother my downstairs neighbor in the apartment, so I need to go buy them!
67. Clean up and customize Myspace and Facebook (add new photos, delete old messages, etc.): I hardly ever go one these except to play games on Facebook so I haven't done any of this yet.
68. "Adopt" a child at Christmas: I hope to get this done this year!
69. Be single for 6 mths and learn about myself: this did not happen. I love Shawn and hated being away from him.
70. Visit where I was born: I hope I can somehow plan to do this with my parents.
71. Visit the Eiffel Tower at night: this would a fabulous trip, but I don't see it getting to happen in the near future
72. Go back to Hawaii to see lava at night and climb Diamond Head: This trip is probably one of the most plausible on the list, but still going to be hard to figure out.
73. Visit California grandma: I really need to do this soon and I bet my mom would go with me
74. Visit all NJ relatives: I hope to get see everyone sometime in 2010
75. Get engaged: I don't have any control over this one, but I'm not ready for it to happen just yet.
76. Take a cooking class: maybe they'll teach me how to really cut an onion
77. Go to a church service: I'm not very religious in the traditional sense and church kind of makes me uncomfortable so I've been putting this one off.
78. Bring treats to work 5 times:
  • Cake Balls on 09-16-09
  • Cookies on 11-18-09
79. Get at least 7 hours of sleep a night for 2 weeks: I forgot this was on here and haven't been keeping track of this.
80. Join a book club: I need to find out if there's one in my area
81. Catch up with an old friend: I haven't done this yet, but I'm looking forward to it
82. Visit Amber once a month for 6 months: This has been difficult, but Amber is also making it a little difficult. She's been really busy too so it's been hard to see each other.
83. Find a new hobby: I think I'm going to take up photography
84. Have a fancy dinner in (table, candles, etc.): Hmmm I need menu ideas!
85. Start investing: I need money to do this first!
86. Drink nothing but water for a month: DONE 06-19-09 to 07-19-09
87. Have friends over for a girls night 5 times: I'll admit that it's sad that I haven't even done this once yet. I have vague plans for a slumber party soon though!
88. Update my resume and apply to 5 jobs for practice:
  • My resume is updated and I applied for two HR jobs with the government
89. Make 10 new friends: Hmmm I've met lots of new people, but I'm really picky about my friends and wouldn't say that I've gotten that close to anyone lately
90. Watch the dogs so my parents can go out of town: DONE 08-21-09 to 08-23-09
91. Walk Max everyday for a month: I start this all the time and never do it for the whole month
92. Do something for my friends 5 times just because:
  • Gave Amy an Easter basket on 04-13-09
  • Gave Allie an Easter basket on 04-13-09
  • Bought Emily baby clothes on 06-25-09
93. Don't say one negative word at work for a week: Ummm yeah-big fail
94. Be more friendly and open: I don't know why I struggle with this so much-I tend to be guarded without meaning to
95. Stop judging others: Again, something I really struggle with and it's a quality I can't stand about myself
96. Listen to 3 new books on tape:
  • Sophie Kinsella's "Remember Me" on 09-03-09
97. Get DVR: DONE 11-13-09
98. Have an entire spa day
99. Mail 5 letters: I don't really know why I chose this one-I might change it to something else more meaningful to me
100. Use lotion everyday for a month: I need to do this especially since it's getting cold-my skin gets all red and raw which sucks.
101. Finish this list and start a new one

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Slumber Party!

I need your help! I want to plan a little slumber party with two of my best friends and I want to pull out all the stops to make it amazing. Lately, I find myself really craving a way to fulfill this need I have to be all domestic and a good hostess. It's gotten even worse since I moved in the house, so I think a slumber party will be fun! These are my ideas so far:
  • Chick flicks obviously, but which ones? Some of the ones that I have are The Notebook, 27 dresses, The Devil Wears Prada, Because I Said So, Knocked Up, Sex and The City...anything I should make sure to include?
  • Making smores in the fireplace
  • Buying a king size foam bed thing (not sure what those are officially called) and spreading out tons of blankets and pillows on top of it in the living room for us all to watch movies and sleep on.
  • Buying tons of stuff to make a sundae bar
  • Making our own pizza
  • Buying some wine

What are some other ideas? Maybe different food? I don't really feel like we'd be doing anything other than eating and watching movies, but what else do you do at a slumber party? Oh, and I don't want to go tp someone's house or decorate someone's car...I have a vision of an adult slumber party (if that's even possible!).

I need you guys! Give me lots of ideas! Please :-)


I'm thankful for:
  • My amazing parents. They've given me waaay more than I deserve and I wouldn't be the person I am without them.
  • My friends. I've been MIA lately because of the house stuff and they still love me. One of my besties came over last night to check out the house and even though I haven't seen her in over a month, we picked up right where we left off. Friends are precious!
  • Shawn. I've also been neglecting to spend as much time with him as I should and starting today I'm going to make an effort to spoil him a little more!
  • My job. Even though it is sometimes difficult, I'm very thankful to even have a job in this economy. It allows me to have a home and provide for the things that I need and even some of the things that I want.
  • I'm thankful for my health. Even though I'm not 100%, I've come so far from where I was a couple of years ago.
  • Mr. Maxwell. Since I don't have any children, I truly do consider Max to be my little babe. He's got such a sweet puppy and I can't imagine each day without him.

Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hi ladies! I have some pictures of the house to show you! They're a little out of order, but I'm just proud of myself for taking them and getting them on here. I would make everything all pretty and put it all in the correct order, but work has been sooo busy that I haven't had any time to blog there and FlashForward and Grey's come on soon so I've got to hurry! :)

This first picture is a close up of the curtains I bought for the living room. They're black with those cream circles and I have to say I think they're perfect. Interesting, but not too busy.
This picture is a close up of my mantle. Last year I didn't have a mantle to hang stockings on so I bought those little hook things that you can stick to walls and stuck them to my entertainment unit and hung the stockings on that-kinda lame! So after Christmas I went to Hobby Lobby and got this stocking holder on sale and I'm so thrilled that I have a mantle to put it on this year!
This picture is of the living room curtains. I actually thought about making them longer, but I may end up putting a little table or bench in front of the window and these are the perfect length for that...I guess we'll see!
This is my mantle with the garland and lights all light up! It's so pretty at night when I turn off the rest of the lights and just have those lit up.
This is a close up of the curtains I bought for the office. They're black chandelier curtains that I got at Target because I wanted something fun for the office. Although, with the chair and curtains, I definitely need to stay away from pattern when decorating the rest of the room. It could get overwhelming pretty quickly!
And these are the curtains with the rest of the room. I have no idea why it's so dark.
So that's my update for the day! I hope to do a BIG 101 list update soon, but that will take some time and I'm not sure when I'll have the time to do it. Right now work is beyond crazy busy, which I don't understand since this is usually a slow time for us. And then I still need to paint and clean the apartment so I can turn in my keys and I still have quite a bit of unpacking and decorating to do with the house. I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm Baaaack!

Hi!!! We closed on the new house and moved in this weekend!!!! Yippee!!!! I am so beyond in love with this home that it's ridiculous. I'm enjoying decorating and looking forward to getting back to blogging more often.

Here's a picture of my favorite room-the office. My parents got me this desk as a housewarming present and I know you can't tell but it's got a black damask print on the glass, which is my favorite pattern. I was searching for the perfect chair and came across this one at Pier One-it couldn't be better!

It's still not completely decorated yet, but I have picked out curtains that come pretty close to matching the chair. Can you see little Maxwell looking out the window? I love him :)

Enough house stuff....I participated in a scarf swap hosted by Kate. These swaps are so much fun-it's great to get a package in the mail! Nicole was my swap partner and she sent me this cute red scarf:

I would have modeled it for you guys, but I've been unpacking and I'm pretty much a hot mess in the looks department today. Thanks Nicole!

And the best news of the day of my best friends went into labor this weekend and had her little boy! I'm so thrilled for her and got to go up to the hospital and see him this morning. He's absolutely gorgeous and mom and dad were just glowing. Being around babies always makes me feel all gooey and happy :)

Okay so the goal for tonight is to catch up on all your blogs-I'll probably be busy for hours!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Only a few more days...

I'm supposed to close this week-can't wait!
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