Saturday, October 24, 2009


This would be a picture of some sweet new wrapping paper I picked up today at a craft fair. Aren't they just pretty?!?! I sort of feel bad for everyone this Christmas...there will be no Christmas wrapping paper in site. Which, I'm perfectly okay with since I like these waaay better! Woot! Although I have a feeling that my boyfriend is going to have something to say about my new purchases. He sort of hates anything with a zebra print. He even told me "it's tacky." Men. What do they really know about style anyway. I am sort of afraid for my zebra shower curtain though....he's threatened that it might mysteriously become damaged in the move :(

Have a lovely night ladies!


  1. I love the paper!!! Soooo cute!!! The zebra is def my fav!!! Your so right, men just dont get it!!!

  2. I like the wrapping paper. I also love using plain white paper or newspaper print (the big brown rolls) for wrapping and then making a pretty bow to go with it. My mom is a master wrapper so wrapping isn't just neccessary, it is an art in our family.

  3. loving the wrapping paper!! esp the zebra print, how fun!!

  4. OMG! I LOVE that paper!!!!!!


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