Thursday, October 29, 2009

I know...

that I haven't been posting all that much. To be honest, I'm just entirely overwhelmed and exhausted. I can't wait until I close on the house because then my time won't be consumed with inspections, walk throughs, packing, etc. Don't get me wrong-I know that I am so blessed to be able to buy a home. I'm just struggling with managing everything right now.

I'm still reading everyones blogs and commenting when I can, but my posting will probably be pretty sporadic for the next couple weeks.


  1. Hope everything goes well with your closing! That's exciting that your getting your own home! :)

    Thinking of you! & get some rest :)

  2. I didn't plan on it! LOL but how can you not at the worlds biggest cocktail party?? :) lol

  3. hope the closing goes smoothly!!
    have a great weekend hun! :)

  4. Hi Cassie -
    You are a winner for my pay-it-forward contest. Sorry it took me so long to send you a message. Can you please email me your address at nlodahl{at}gmail{dot}com?
    I don't have the package ready quite yet, but will send it as soon as it is assembled. :)
    Thanks! - Nicole

  5. your doggie is a cutie

    anyways I have 2 giveaways going on

    One ends Sunday(tomorrow)

    Check them out and spread the word...........happy halloween


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