Sunday, September 20, 2009

Victoria's Secret

I happen to LOVE Victoria's Secret. I buy all my panties and bras there because the bras fit me fantastically and the panties are good quality and last for a long time. I also can't get enough of their pink line and own far too many pairs of their sweat pants.

I think we should all have fun with our bras and panties even if no else is seeing them...well let's hope someone else is seeing them, but you know what I mean! I always feel much sexier knowing I'm wearing a cute pair of panties even if I'm wearing boring clothes to work.

So anyway, I bought these cute lace trim bikini panties today. I actually think this picture is of a thong, but I had trouble finding the ones I got in the store on their site online. I have an Angel card (which I recommend you all get even if you never use it because you get crazy coupons) and they sent me a coupon for a free pair of panties (I get one of these at least once a month and I maybe use the card once a year and pay it off in full) and then because I have an Angel card I got to pick 7 pairs of panties for $25. My new obsession are these lace trimmed panties (although you can't get them as the free pair). I like that the lace is so wide on the sides and they don't dig into me or get uncomfortable. They had tons of different designs so I'm very happy with my purchase. And the best part...if I had paid full price for each of the 7 pairs and paid for the free pair, it would have cost me about $80 total. I walked out paying right around $27!

Okay, so enough of this panty and bra talk...Running Around Normal is having a giveaway for a banana holder, which sounds kind of odd, but I totally want it!

Night ladies!


  1. Victoria's Secret love over here too- Unfortunatley I have had more issues with quality in the past 2 years after being a loyal customer for 8 years

    Anyway- Happy Monday, hope you have a great week!

  2. Every single one of my bras and panties is from VS too. I love those coupons!!! I just realized the other day I dropped a panty size, and I had to go and get more panties! I love feeling sexy in their stuff!

  3. i LOVE that underwear style, too!!! that's pretty much all i wear! whenever friends ask about what underwear they should buy, i always suggest that style because of the exact reason you said: no digging in. now if only every woman knew our secret ...


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