Friday, September 25, 2009


This morning I was driving to work and BAM! A headache hit me out of nowhere. I took two extra strength Tylenol as soon as I got to work and then two more 4 hours later, without much relief. Drinking a soda seemed to help the most with the nausea but I honestly got absolutely nothing done at work. I just couldn't concentrate on anything but getting through the day and not throwing up. I came home and took another kind of pain pill and when that didn't work I called the pharmacist at Walgreens and asked what I could take. I was seriously considering going to the emergency room if I didn't get some kind of relief soon! The pharmacist was sooo nice and told me it would be okay for me to take Excedrin on top of everything else I had taken. I'd never used it before, but I'm finally starting to feel better. I'm drained, but the nausea has subsided. Lesson? Take excedrin first next time I get a headache like this. What do you guys use to get rid of a headache? Any natural remedies that you swear by?


  1. I hope you feel better! Caffeine helps me. Just try to sleep it off. Do you think it's related to seasonal allergies? I am more likely to get bad headaches in the spring than any other time of the year. Could it be related to your cycle?

    And of course I have to include this line... Kindergarten cop... "It might be a tumOR." Haha!

  2. Just came across your blog and I love it!!!

    Coffee chased with a ton of water always works for me. I hope you feel better soon!!


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