Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I must confess...

I'm having a love affair with Etsy lately. It's true. In the past week, I've bought a great black, white and red original Gocco print that I framed, a black and white damask lunch bag, and a black and white damask address book!

As you can probably tell, I'm sort of addicted to the whole black and white theme, but it's really helping the apartment come together! And I love that you can get things on Etsy that you can't find in stores. It's very unlikely that you'll walk into someone else's home and see exactly what you just bought. I love that I can be original!

So to continue with this whole Etsy craziness, I heard about a giveaway! Your Wishcake has her own Etsy store and is giving away a bunch of goodies to a lucky winner. You should check out her blog-she's such a sweet girl!

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