Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Firemen are a weakness of mine!

If you haven't guessed it by now, I'm a huge animal lover. It kills me to see those LOST DOG posters on telephone poles because I always think about how I would feel if my puppy somehow got lost. And when I see a stray dog it always makes me sad and I want to pull over, but either the dog runs away and I can't find it or I'm not in a good place to pull over (the highway) or I just don't do it.

Today that all changed. I was driving to work and saw all these cars swerving around a little dog in the middle of the road. He looked pretty old and was about 25 lbs. I pulled over and got him to come over to me and it was just so sad! I don't know if he was hurt or what, but he just seemed out of it. I picked him and took him back to my car and when I put him down he kind of yelped and snapped at me so I think he must have been hurt somehow. Well I call the non-emergency police number and they transfer to the right department. I tell them I found a dog and ask someone to come pick it up. The lady tells me that they don't start pick ups for at least an hour and I got upset because I had to go to work and couldn't wait on the side of the road for that long. I asked her for any other options and she said I'd just have to let the dog go. I couldn't do that and felt like she wasn't being helpful, so I put the dog in my car and drove up the road to a Fire Station. I would say at least 10 men came out to see what I was doing and their captain agreed to keep the dog until someone could come and get it! I was so happy because I would have worried and worried all day if I had let it go. That kind of stuff really gets to me. He could be someone's pet! He was really sweet except when I think I hurt him-he laid down in my back seat and curled up...it was adorable. And...I got to start my day off doing a good deed and seeing a bunch of men in uniform-mmmmm.

Lol. Anyway....don't forget to enter the giveaway I posted about here-it ends tomorrow!

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  1. Oh, you are a sweet sweet girl. I am exactly like you in that way--it kills me to see an animal hurt or stranded. I hope that doggie got home!


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