Thursday, July 16, 2009

Trigger Foods

I'm not going to go into all the gory details that led to this post and subsequent decisions, but let me just make it clear that it was indeed GORY. Yesterday was not a good food or exercise day for me, so I'm changing things up.

Sometimes I envy drug and alcohol addicts...weird right? I'm going to try to explain this adequately, but I'm not sure it will come out the way I mean it. I tend to be really good at cutting things out of my life that don't need to be in it. For example, if I have a boyfriend that's treating my badly I can simply just not call or contact that person again even if it HURTS horribly. I just go cold turkey and won't let myself give in at all. Or with the whole water challenge thing, I just cut out every liquid you can drink that isn't water. Easy as that. And it actually has been pretty easy for me to do. Now if I had changed the challenge to allow soda once a week I would have failed miserably and drank a soda, coffee, and shake every single day. I just don't do good with moderation. It's black or white to me. So back to the whole drug and alcohol thing. I envy those people because when they decide to quit whatever their addiction may be...they can completely cut that out of their lives. They can decide to never smoke another cigarrette or to never smoke weed or snort cocaine get the idea. They don't need those things in their lives to stay alive. And while I realize how addicting (well actually I can't honestly understand because I haven't been there, but I can imagine) they can be at least they don't have to have those things to survive. It's not like a doctor says to someone "well I need you to stop doing the "bad" kind of heroine and only inject the "good" kind because that will lead to a healthier life." Just doesn't happen.

HOWEVER, I have to have food to survive. I can't just quit eating-well I could but that would be the dumbest thing ever and I would die a slow, painful death before I turned not really an option. Food is my drug of choice and I have to have it EVERY SINGLE DAY. So now I have this problem. We already covered that I suck at moderation-I've tried just allowing myself to eat whatever I want and that only served to help me pack on the pounds and quiting eating isn't an option. What to do...

I decided to simply just quit eating certain foods. I did good with cutting out all other liquids, but water so now it's time to cut out some of the really good stuff. See, I have certain foods that once I start to eat them, it's extremely hard for me to stop at a normal portion. And since I'm totally serious about this losing weight thing, I'm quiting the following trigger foods for an entire month.
  1. Pizza: I could eat this every single day. My favorite is stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut which has about 18 grams of fat and almost 400 calories a slice. Or so I've heard...I choose to believe that it's fat free with 50 calories a slice. Regardless, no pizza of any kind including the frozen pizza, unless it's a Lean Cuisine for a month.

  2. Taquitos: I never thought this would be a trigger food for me, but I recently discovered chicken and cheese flour taquitos and I must have at least 3 in one serving. And once I had 3, I need another 3 or 4 or no more.

  3. Ice Cream/Custard/Frozen Yogurt: by far my biggest weakness. Truthfully, I don't eat much ice cream or custard, but I'm ADDICTED to Ben and Jerry's Half Baked Fro Yo. And I cannot eat less than the whole pint in one sitting. I'm ashamed to admit this, but I've even eaten TWO pints in one day. This must go. And it will very nearly kill me.

  4. Eating out/Fast food/Take-Out: I'm cutting this out just because it will be a challenge for the next month and it limits my access to other foods that tempt me.

  5. Brownies/Candy Bars from the deli downstairs: These brownies are the most delicious things you've ever had...well, I've ever had. You don't work with me so you probably haven't had them, but I'm telling you. The owner makes a fresh pan almost daily and I just can't resist. I try and FAIL...every time. And I'm cutting out candy bars, because I know I'll grab those instead of brownies during this month if I don't.

There you have it people. My new challenge for myself starts...well, tomorrow because I had a prior committment to go out to lunch today, but I'm ready for tomorrow. Wish me luck!


  1. I think it's smart to avoid trigger foods. There are certain foods that lead to other poor choices. Is there anyway you could begin today? Just avoid those foods at lunch. Good luck! I can't wait to see how it goes.

  2. I know what you're saying. I don't have an addictive personality but what you're saying makes perfect sense. We used to have a couple friend, one was a recovering drug addict and one was a recovering alcohol addict. Daily life was a million times harder for the alcoholic because drinks are EVERYWHERE. Every get-together, every restaurant, everything.

    Be careful about the no eating out thing. Don't piss yourself off too much or you'll end up disappointing yourself. One idea is to cut your meal in half the second it comes to your table, put half in a to-go box and only eat half. You'll save money that way too because you get two meals out of one!

  3. your trigger foods = my trigger foods. I have learned just to not have them in my house. Not to go to certain stores or down certain hallways at work because people always have a candy dish on their desk. I have learned certain sections I won't go in the cafeteria here at work. You can do this!

    I agree with Chelsea though, be careful not to deprive yourself of things you like. Instead, find ways to enjoy them at a lower-calorie option. Search the hungry girl website, there are tons of options!

  4. I won't be depriving myself, believe me! There are tons of other desserts and foods I can treat myself to during this month. The above are foods that once I start eating them, I can't stop! And I always want frozen yogurt or a brownie after pizza so I'm trying to break the cycle.

  5. I was just talking to priorfatgirl Jen about my relationship with donuts (specifically apple fritters). I see an apple fritter and it sings to me. I have had one in the last year (a few months ago), and that was just enough for me to really enjoy it at the time but realize how devoid of nutrition they are. It's all about knowing you CAN have everything, but making the smarter choice instead. Maybe I'll have another one in a year ... just for a reminder ;)


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