Friday, July 10, 2009

Ticket: $18...Parking: $5

Tube Rental: $8
Getting over my fear of being in a bathing suit in public: priceless!

Yup, you head right! I went to a water park today and had a fantastic time! I haven't gone to one in years because I'm always so afraid of walking around half naked in front of a ton of people. However, I'm sick of not doing the things I want to do because of my weight. I'm not happy with what I weigh, but I'm not going to quit living my life because of it or put my life on hold until I am at a weight I'm happy with. I did go by myself though because I wanted to enjoy myself and not be any more self conscious then I already anticipated I would be. I have great friends, but they're all pretty thin and while they would never say anything to make me uncomfortable (and in fact would probably do everything they can to make me comfortable), I wanted to do this by myself. I hung out in the lazy river just floating along on my tube, I went in the wave pool, I layed out and read a was just a relaxing, good time. I was always aware of my size, but not uncomfortable and unable to enjoy myself. And while I'm most definitely glad that I went, I do want to to go again when I'm thinner and ride more of the rides...oh, and go with all my friends! So, that's #22 on my list that can get crossed off!

I also get to cross off #3 today! I finally ordered a magazine subscription after years of paying full price each month for whatever magazine I'm interested in. I ordered....SHAPE! I love that one and it's so motivating to me. Now I'll get to read it every month for a year and my first issue came today!

I'll also be done with the water challenge on July 19th, so that's only 9 more days!

Okay, I'm exhausted and ready for bed. I hope everyone had a great Friday!


  1. A good friend of mine once told me that everyday someone spends thinking about their weight is another day lost. He is so right. I'm glad you got out there and had a good time!!

  2. OMG, how did I miss this post?!! I can't belive you jumped in a swim suite already, you are totally rockin! You know, all the other women there were probably so worried about what they themselves looked like in their swimsuite, no one was looking at you!

    Good job for crossing off #22 and #3! I love my Shape subscription!


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